April 14, 2014 WOE Staff

1st Quarter Mobile Messenger Reports


“We really enjoyed the ministry in the first quarter of this year of the Lord. With the help of bicycles, we were able to move extra miles in reaching people for Christ.  Mobile Messengers Team carried out the ministry in two areas. The Lord saved 1661 people.”

“We also moved on and ministered to people in the Rutsiro District. The Lord brought 873 people to Himself.  Pastor ‘Jean’, now a Mobile Messenger, received a bicycle from WOE and it easily facilitated him to visit and encourage people who got saved in two districts.”

“Three churches were born. This work was achieved due to the bicycles you donated to us. May the Lord bless you abundantly as you invest into His Kingdom. Pray with us as we trust the Lord to provide funds and have buildings for the above mentioned churches.”

“We take this opportunity to greet and convey best wishes to you. The work of the Lord is doing well in Bweramana.  We indeed praise the Lord because we have started conducting our church services in Bweramana new Sanctuary, thank you for the support you provided.

We reached young people through Volleyball, football and Jump Ropes. We have witnessed 346 young people coming to the Lord. Mobile Messenger Laurent carried out door to door evangelistic ministry in three areas.

Men and women responded positively to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. As a result of this ministry, two churches were planted. We praise the Lord for what he has done for us!

We highly appreciate what the Lord has enabled us to achieve. The bicycle helped Mobile Messenger Laurent to reach people in a distance and also visiting them regularly.  We pray that these churches will get their own sanctuaries. We also pray to the Lord to provide for us volleyball and football equipment for effective Youth Ministry.”

“We are extremely happy to get this opportunity of sharing with you about Lord’s doing in our midst.  As far as evangelism is concerned, we showed the Jesus film in one area and 2,354 people attended. We give all the glory unto the Lord to have saved 625 people. As a result of this ministry, we ended up planting Byumba Church.”








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“Pastor Gezahgn decided to mobilize his own group of disciples (in this case 14) to go out for outreach with him. That was their first time to out and share the gospel with someone. Fearfully, they went out two by two. The group was fearful because most of the places they are going into were dominated by the witchdoctors/sorcery. One of the witchdoctor’s wife in the area sees a dreams a day before that very night. The dream was that two gentle men coming to her house carrying beautiful bags and very much precious items in them. When two of the group members come to this house carrying bible in their bag and ready to share the gospel, the big witchdoctor orders his servants to chase these preachers away. However, his wife, yelling behind these two preachers, invites them to her house. Then tells the preachers that she saw a dream just before they come to her house and coordinates everybody to listen to them, including her husband. When these two preachers share the gospel, the power of the gospel changed 11 people including the big witchdoctor. The area was far away from the existing church and a completely new church was planted in this new area. This is like the story of Cornelius (Acts 10) in the Bible. The harvest was ripe and the Lord works with those who go out for mission.”


More reports coming soon….

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