ACCELERATING The Gospel Around The World

Mobilizing messengers to reach the unreached is what the Lord has called us to do.  Why?  Because Jesus is coming again and He’s coming soon!

The next generation harvest workers, the “11th hour laborers” are ready to share Christ and serve those in desperate need with urgency!

So far in 2011, the body of Christ has expanded its footprint. Our Mobile Messengers made this movement possible and YOU helped make it happen!

In January alone, our Mobile Messengers’ impact in Central & South Sudan and Kenya combined, resulted in 506 salvations – first time decisions for Christ and102 water baptisms.  These teams of Mobile Messengers preached at over 106 Church Services!  One Mobile Messenger, under the leadership of Pastor Morris in Central Sudan, traveled to the village of Barrak where he preached boldly for 4 days straight.  350 came to know the Lord through that 4 day pilgrimage.

Pastor Sosthen baptizing children in a village in South Sudan

Mobile Messenger Paul, in Southern Kenya

Pastor Morris sharing Christ with Muslims in Central Sudan

Mobile Messenger Daniel, taking Bibles to the MaasaiTribe - THANK YOU donors!

Maasai tribe with Bibles in Kenya

Tribute to our co-founder, James Harrison on local NBC affiliate

Charlotte, NC –

In case you missed it on television, here is “our story” that aired recently on our local NBC affiliate.  It gives a brief look into the heart our co-founder, James Harrison, who inspired our Foundation…..

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