September 4, 2012 WOE Staff

2012 First Half Highlights

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank each one of you for being a part of the legacy of the With Open Eyes Foundation. Your generous gifts and prayers have been a major catalyst in the growth of our Mobile Messenger program.  2012 is an exciting year for With Open Eyes.  We are committed to building a strong foundation for the future of the ministry, but that has not slowed down our efforts to serve and walk alongside our partners.  There are many programs at With Open Eyes that are growing faster than ever before, and we are very excited to report on the many blessings we have experienced in the first half of this year.  Here are highlights for the first half  of 2012:

Mobile Messengers

  • Reaching the milestone of 16,813 people who have accepted Christ as their personal Savior and the establishment of 123 new church plants through the Mobile Messenger Program and With Open Eyes ministries.
  • Adding 106 new Mobile Messengers in South Sudan, Kenya and Rwanda since January 2011, including the purchase and delivery of 52 new Yamaha motorcycles and 26 bicycles so far in 2012.
  • Maintenance and Safety Training events. Mobile Messengers in Western Kenya who attended training sponsored by With Open Eyes were able to lead their own training for other Mobile Messengers in their area in April. In July, 31 new Mobile Messengers received a similar training in South Sudan.
  • Evangelism Support and Leadership Training. Through generous donations, With Open Eyes has acquired laptop computers, projectors, screens and other presentation supplies for each of our 5 current partners. These evangelism and Discipleship Technology Kits include donated training software and films.
  • Delivery of Humanitarian Aid. With Open Eyes is completing the due diligence and planning necessary to deliver much needed medical aid and supplies to hurting families and refugees in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan and to other communities currently being served by Mobile Messengers. These supplies will save lives and enhance the ministry efforts of Mobile Messengers.


Our Mobilization Department contributes directly to the work of the Mobile Messengers, involves others in the ministry of With Open Eyes and aids in the process of community development. We began the year with three scheduled projects. That number has jumped to 8 in recent months. Here are the highlights.

  • A January team traveled to Kenya to work with Mobile Messengers where many came to know Christ in local prisons, and participating leaders from U.S. churches saw the impact of our work first hand. As a result, Bibles and supplies have been provided for the prisons, and Mobile Messengers continue to report additional salvations.
  • The launch of the exciting new Pathfinders program for college students and young adults. Participants had the opportunity to travel for 3-4 weeks and follow the path of a Mobile Messenger. It was a once in a lifetime, life altering experience! In addition to learning about the everyday life of Mobile Messengers, practical information regarding their needs along with media was collected for promotions, funding and future recruiting. This year, With Open Eyes partnered with Westmont College and Johnson C. Smith University to send the first Pathfinders class to Kenya in July.
  • In July, a ministry team traveled to see the work of Mobile Messengers in South Sudan, including the harsh realities and opportunities for ministry in and around refugee camps. An evangelism crusade was held where thousands attended and hundreds accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior!
  • Rwanda Partner Trip – Currently, a ministry partner Church of Faith Rwanda, is hosting a mission team who is ministering and teaching at several new church plants throughout targeted areas in Rwanda.
  • In September, a group of women and prayer partners will travel to serve alongside Mobile Messengers in Kenya. They will visit church plants, lead conferences for women and work with children through an interactive children’s ministry program partner.

Although we continue to celebrate the amazing achievements Mobile Messengers have accomplished for the Kingdom, there is still so much work to do.  For every village we visit, hundreds more remain unreached.  The staggering need and urgency for evangelism in remote African villages and refugee camps requires a practical solution of improved access and increased speed. We currently have immediate opportunities to equip new Mobile Messengers in additional areas throughout Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya and Rwanda.  With Open Eyes has committed to equip another 30 indigenous pastors in 2012 and to increase that number to 150 in 2013.  We must continue to ignite the chain reaction!  

On behalf of the Mobile Messengers, we sincerely offer our thanks for your commitment to the ministry of With Open Eyes and ask that you continue to join us in making a huge impact for the glory of God as they continue to use these practical tools to lead thousands to everlasting life through Christ.

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