May 18, 2012 WOE Staff

2012 Pathfinders – Kenya and South Sudan

In April our mobilization efforts expanded significantly.  We originally planned 3 mission trips in 2012 and we have now increased to 8!  What an increase in short term teams that will serve along-side Mobile Messengers in 2012!  We are partnering with Westmont College (west coast) and Johnson C. Smith University (east coast).  A team from each campus will depart in July as part of our new ‘PathFinders Program’.  They will serve for 3-4 weeks at new church plants and then share their stories through digital media platforms in an effort to raise awareness for With Open Eyes and activate their peers to get involved.

What an amazing experience for these young college students and what a blessing they will be to the people in the communities they will serve.

Now that our first class of 2012 Pathfinders has been selected, they are on their way to raising the funds needed to ride alongside Mobile Messengers this summer in Kenya and South Sudan! If you would like to support them, please give today!

Click the links below:

Pathfinders Kenya

Pathfinders South Sudan

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  1. I accidentally came asocrs your website and noticed you are positioned in Juba .we are there as well as Entebbe and Nairobi. We have the AN28 in EBB as well as some Mi8 helicopters in the area. Do you guys have any need for these machines? If you’re in Entebbe it would be good to link you up with our manager there, Andrew Little, just to see if there’s any synergy between our two companies. His email is Take care!

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