December 1, 2011 WOE Staff

25 Days of Praise

With Open Eyes is taking the next 25 days to specifically pause and focus on God’s overwhelming grace and blessings He pours out daily to our ministry, Mobile Messengers and the people we serve. Join us as we “Sing the praises of the Lord, his faithful people; praising his Holy name” Psalm 30:4. In Psalm 34:1-3 we are reminded that no matter what the circumstances, we will praise Him at all times. To God be the Glory forever!


Dec. 1  Jesus Christ and His Amazing Grace!  His unconditional love is a free gift to all that will call upon His name and they will be now and forever His child. Mark 10:45; 1 Peter 1:21; 1 Peter 2:4

Dec. 2  Mobile Messengers  Praise our Lord for our Mobile Messengers! They are truly modern day apostles with a heart for evangelism and commitment to seeking access to the unreached and underserved peoples of the world. Matthew 24:14; Psalm 103:1-4; Psalm 71:7-8

Dec. 3  Church Plants  Praise God for the abundance of more than 90 new churches He has planted through our Mobile Messengers just this year! Psalm 148:13

Dec. 4  New Brothers and Sisters in Christ  We are singing and dancing in praise for our new brothers and sisters in Christ! The gift of a cycle or vehicle accelerates Mobile Messengers’ reach by hundreds of miles and thousands of people. Philippians 4:6-9; Romans 10:10

Dec. 5  Ministry Partners  Thank you Lord for the blessings of our dedicated Ministry Partners. Our Ministry Partners play a crucial role in assisting our programs in the far-reaching areas of the world. We work closely with experienced local ministries to ensure provided transportation is utilized for the purposes of direct evangelism and discipleship. Our programs are designed to provide immediate access of the Gospel and long-term growth of local churches. Romans 10:14-15

Dec. 6  Leadership  We praise the Lord for our leadership team at With Open Eyes. Their prayerful vision and daily guidance is an indescribable blessing to this organization. Mark 10:27; Philippians 4:13

Dec. 7  Office Team  Thank you Lord for our team that takes care of all the details, keeping our ministry running efficiently each day. Philippians 3:12-14

Dec. 8  Board Members  Thank you Lord Jesus for our Board of Directors. Their leadership and wisdom is an amazing blessing to With Open Eyes. Proverbs 4:11-12; Proverbs 3:5-6

Dec. 9  Intercessor Prayer Team  Join us in praising God for our mighty team of dedicated prayer warriors! This team joins us every Monday in prayer for the specific needs of our ministry and Mobile Messengers. Matthew 7:7-8; Colossians 4:2

Dec. 10 Prayer Partners  Prayer is the foundation of our ministry. We don’t know what we would do without our prayer partners lifting up With Open Eyes’ prayer needs to our Lord and praising His Name with us each week. James 5:16

Dec. 11 Co-founders  We are blessed and thankful for the vision God has given our Co-founders. Praise God for their willingness to say “yes” to Him and the overwhelming passion to push forward in sharing and teaching the good news of Jesus Christ to the unreached and underserved peoples of the world. Rev. 7:9; Micah 6:8

Dec. 12  Family  Thank you Lord for our families! You have blessed us mightily and we praise you! Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Dec. 13  Supporters  Lord, we praise your name for the blessing of our With Open Eyes ministry supporters. You have blessed us with an abundance of zealous people supporting our Mobile Messengers in removing the physical limitations that kept them bound from reaching the furthest location of the needy and hurting around them. Our supporters are helping us in making a way for them to move hope forward where our Mobile Messengers serve and live. Psalm 40:8-10

Dec. 14  Healing  Thank you Lord for being the ultimate healer spiritually, emotionally and physically. We praise your Holy name Jesus. We see your miracles happening daily and stand in awe of your grace. Mark 6:53-56

Dec. 15  Lui Hospital  Praise God that there is a place for the sick to go to find medical help and relief. We are thankful for the skillful and caring doctors and nurses there. We pray Lord you will multiply the workers and medical supplies needed for the hospital to care for the sick and dying. Matthew 11:28

Dec. 16  Kenya  Lord, thank you for the people of Kenya. We thank you for the incredible men and women sharing and teaching the good news of Jesus Christ. Psalm 92:1-4

Dec. 17  Rwanda  Praise your Holy Name Lord Jesus! The people of Rwanda have many needs but above all, they need to know You! Thank you for the ways you are using Mobile Messengers in Rwanda to share the hope found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Luke 4:18-19

Dec. 18  Sudan  We praise you Lord and thank you for the amazing grace and protection you have shown the Mobile Messengers in the Nuba Mountains of Central Sudan. The sacrifices they make to shine your light is an awesome example of your teaching. Matthew 5:14

Dec. 19  South Sudan  Thank you Lord for our Mobile Messengers and the people of South Sudan. They are working to move hope forward in the newly established Republic of South Sudan, so everyone may know the true life found in knowing You! Philippians 4:19-20

Dec. 20  Volunteers  Our volunteers help our small office team get the big projects done. Praise God for the people that come alongside us so that many hands make light work. Psalm 149:4

Dec. 21  Miracles  We praise you Jesus for the miracles you do each day, all around us! Mark 7:37; Psalm 92:5

Dec. 22  Daily Provision  We daily marvel at witnessing your grace and provision for just what we need! Matthew 6:31-34; Psalm 34:19

Dec. 23  Encouragers Lord, what would we do without people surrounding us to give that little bit of encouragement from you at just the right time? We praise you Jesus for giving people the gift of encouragers and using those gifts to lift up our Mobile Messengers and their families. Matthew 21:21-22; Hebrews 10:24-25

Dec. 24  Mission Teams  What a blessing it is Lord, to have mission teams go into the field to work beside our Mobile Messengers in serving people. Thank you for the mission teams that have gone out this year to share the love of Jesus Christ with the unreached peoples of the world. Luke 5:31-32

Dec. 25  God’s gift of His Son  Thank you Lord for the ultimate sacrifice you made by sending your Son to die for our sins so we could have eternal life. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ this day and at the same time humbly praise you for your abundant love. 2 Corinthians 9:15, John 3:16; Romans 5:8

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