May 30, 2015 Tommy Mcbride

South Sudan Tribal Conflict

We need YOUR help! Will you stand with us in prayer?

We have received reports that in the last few days our pastors in the field, our Mobile Messengers located in the southern portion of South Sudan have seen an escalation in tribal conflict. We have 80 Mobile Messengers throughout the country with nearly half of those located where the fighting has intensified. Although conflict and fighting have been seen throughout the years, this situation has risen to new heights in the last few days. We have received word that many have been injured and even killed because they belong to a particular tribe. Many villagers, including Mobile Messengers and their families, have fled to the bush. There they are protected by trees but many have no shelter, limited food and only dirty water. There are other Mobile Messengers who now feel it’s time to escape with their families to neighboring countries for refuge. Yesterday their attempts to escape the area were in vain due to roadblocks by opposing forces, but today they plan to try again. At With Open Eyes, we take these reports very seriously as we have not seen this level of concern from our Mobile Messengers in the past.

Please join us as we pray that the eyes of the enemy will be blinded so that our brothers and sisters may find safe passage if and when they decide to leave. Pray also for protection for the many who choose to remain behind in the bush.

We don’t yet know the entire need but we have begun to provide relief funding for the situation. We are sure there will be additional needs in the days ahead as other Mobile Messengers face similar situations. If you would like to contribute financially for this and other humanitarian efforts that may arise with our Mobile Messengers, please visit us at:

To donate by check, please send to:

With Open Eyes
4100 Coca Cola Plaza
Charlotte, NC 28211

All funds raised in excess to this immediate need will be directed to other humanitarian or WOE projects that benefit Mobile Messengers.

We thank you in advance for your support of With Open Eyes and our Mobile Messengers!

The With Open Eyes team