May 7, 2010 WOE Staff

A Testimony of Epic Proportion – Right Before Our Eyes.

Memorable. Unforgettable. Impressively great. These are a few words that describe the word “epic”, or, as Webster’s defines it, “extending beyond the unusual or ordinary, especially in size or scope”. Another word for “epic” is….Kamal Tutu. Many of you have watched our short ‘Testimony’ video on our YouTube channel. If you haven’t, please click on the YouTube link at the top of our site and meet him. Kamal lives in a small village in Southern Sudan. 17 years ago, Kamal, an elder at his church, was persecuted and tortured for his faith and belief in Jesus Christ. As a result of this horrendous torture, he lost use of his hands and feet.

Today, he still stands firmly in his faith and asks only that God’s purpose for his life be fulfilled. We want to share news about Kamal and ask you to join us in prayer, as Kamal is only a few days away from being transported, for the first time ever by airplane, to a hospital near Nairobi. Our Executive Director, Josh is boarding a plane on Monday, May 10, 2010 to be with Kamal, when he is transported out of his village, into the hands of a team of physicians for evaluation to begin the process of reconstructive surgery. We will document Kamal’s journey and ask for your prayers and support.

We want to share Kamal’s testimony with the world. If for no other reason than to remind you that many of us will never experience what Kamal experienced. In the New Testament, Peter, an apostle of Jesus, denied him three times. Would you have the love, courage and strength needed to risk losing your life if you were in the same situation? Stay connected with us as we update Kamal’s transportation and progress. Sign up to receive our E-newsletter and check in on facebook and twitter as Josh updates us from Nairobi. If you would like to support our efforts for Kamal, please click on the DONATE tab and when prompted, please designate your gift towards ‘Kamal Tutu’.

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Comments (6)

  1. Ana Malick

    Thank you so much for updating your website, so that we'll be able to donate and bless those that our help! Your ministry is one of those that touches and reaches my heart! I feel that this is one of those causes that I cannot ignore, and my giving financially is a “MUST”!!


  2. Chad

    The camera man documenting Kamal's journey is in Nairobi now after a mess of flight delays. Josh from with open eyes also missed a flight and has not made it there yet and has been out of contact for around 48 hours. Pray that everyone can gets to where they need to be so they can get to Kamal.

  3. monicaguffey

    A quick update: After quite a few flight delays, we can confirm that our team is all in Nairobi! Josh arrived this evening (6:30am Nairobi time). A charter plane will take them to Kauda today to pick up Kamal and our friends from Samaritan's Purse that are assisting in his care. We will send you pictures and updates soon. Thank you for your prayers and support!

  4. george obandah

    Wow! awesome this is like the first church of the Acts of the Apostles. There is no testimony without a test. Sometimes I wonder that Ive had it rather easy compared to saints who have had to pay dearly for their faith. Lets not take the cross and saving faith of Jesus for granted. God bless Kamal

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