May 6, 2014 WOE Staff

Abundant Fruit in Maasai Land

Mobile Messenger Daniel was invited to preach during a conference at one of the churches at Maasai land. The congregation has increased and this caused them to start a new church in faith…. and through contribution.  Thank you With Open Eyes  for praying for  the Mobile Messengers ,me being one of them, because even men are now attending church when before the majority were women.

Maasaichurch  Maasainewchurch

Sharing the Word of God on Saturday with the congregation. All were listening carefully.

Maasai4 Maasai5


Sunday Service

Maasai8  Maasai10 Maasai11 Maasai12

P.U.S.H. – Pray Until Something Happens


Not only did they eat spiritual food but also food to nourish their bodies too.


Laying hands in prayer … four people made the decision to live their lives for Christ. Praise be to God!



Help fund the ministry of Mobile Messenger Daniel and others like him today. 100 pastors are currently on the waiting list for transportation to reach remote areas with the Gospel.

The need is urgent!



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