April 6, 2012 WOE Staff

Accelerating the Word…From A Dirt Track

They love motorcycles, dirt bike racing and now, they love Mobile Messengers!

Off a dirt bike, these young men are quiet, self-disciplined, well-mannered, humble, and determined.  On a motocross bike, they’re thrilling, fearless, competitive, driven and passionate! Now, these amateur pro racers and their team of mini racers are using their network to raise awareness and ‘team raise’ for Mobile Messengers. Their goal is simple, one Mobile Messenger Kit.  For the past three weeks, they have taken a Mobile Messenger fundraising kit to their races, handed out promotional cards and sold merchandise at various dirt track series races.

They stopped by our office this week and we loved hearing their racing stories and ideas on how they could help.  So far, their team has raised almost $500 and they’re as determined as ever to hit their goal of $2500 in a few more weekends.  We are praying for them individually, for their team and yes, for their wins!  We also want to thank them for using their platform to be a voice for Mobile Messengers.

I’ve been racing since I was 9 years old and have had probably 15 motorcycles since then.  We take for granted that what we can get so easily and use for fun, for a sport, is something a pastor prays to have one day just to reach his people.  It can help them make such an important impact somewhere else.  I didn’t get it til now.” Jake Bailey, 21 years old

For more information on how you or your group can get a fundraising kit and begin to equip a Mobile Messenger, call (704) 442-7117 for more information.

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