May 9, 2013 WOE Staff

April Mobile Messenger Reports


“I had a crusade for one week where I witnessed to many people and 45 people gave their lives to Christ and 15 were baptized.”

“I have been involved with the slum evangelism. Together with my team we witnessed to many and 88 saved and baptized 25. The slum boys soccer team is doing very well and its and evangelistic tool.”

“I have a group women who meet every week to share Christ with the local women. They are making an impact in the community.” – Mobile Messenger

“We are building a church and orphanage and our community is coming to the Lord every day. 55 people saved in April.”

“I am doing discipleship training in my region and many of my members are becoming committed to serving God.”

“I had a youth conference and 259 youth attended. We taught them how to serve God and discipleship.”

“I am targeting to preach the gospel of Christ to people in an area starting in May, the people there have not been reached and they react very hostile towards the gospel. I am praying that you may all stand with me in prayer that God may lead me and provide His amazing grace o that when I face the people, they may have time to listen and even accept the gospel.”

“Pray together with me for one of the upcoming preachers in my church who has severe malaria attacks. Thanking God because the church is doing well and in particular WOE for their great support in completing the church building. It is almost done. My God Bless you mightly and bless you more!”

“God granted me favour when I went to preach to a region of mainly non-believers and amazingly 2 people gave their lives to Christ! Glory be to his name!”

“We had a conference in our area last week and witnessed God’s power when souls were surrendered to Christ. Thanking God so much because the church is growing and expanding!”



“As we are also nearing Pentecost, a premier event in Christianity in which God provided the original outpouring of His gift of Holy Spirit. Christ’s disciples were empowered to preach Christ without fear. It is our hope and trust that this Pentecostal season will refresh Mobile Messengers to keep announcing and calling men and women to faith in Jesus Christ with zeal and audacity.

We are too thankful unto the Lord because the gospel of Jesus Christ is being preached and evangelized in various places of Rwanda and also in Congo (DRC). We are receiving various reports on how the Lord is saving many people. The broken family relationships are being restored and forgiveness from individuals are taking place.

From the bottom of our heart, we highly recognize the bond and partnership between Church of Faith Rwanda and With Open Eyes. The Lord is using our working together to bring many into God’s kingdom.” – Ministry Partner, Church of Faith Rwanda


At the beginning of this year 2013, I left for a new district and so far the Lord has saved 60 people. Since most of the people are farmers, I get them to their farms and assist them to cultivate, plant and harvest. This act is making the ministry to be more effective. They have confessed that no any other preacher who worked with them. Pray for us as we make plan to baptize these dear ones on the day of Pentecost. I hope the number would have increased. The motorcycle is really helping me to reach many people in a far distance. Thank you for the support and prayers.”


“I take this opportunity to thank the Lord for not only the gift of life but also to have counted me worthy in the ministry. I have seen HIM taking care of my family and ministry in a tremendous way. We highly appreciate the Lord to have saved 156 men and women. We Plan to have them baptized at the day of Pentecost.  The Lord is granting us favor in those villages. We know this happened because WOE has stood with us prayerfully. The motorcycle is doing the great job. The people who can be reached in 10 hours on feet are now being reached in less than two hours. May the Lord keep blessing WOE.”


“I managed to contact very successful evangelistic rallies in which 140 people in one community gave their lives to Christ, another area 126 received Christ; the final community 130 also gave their lives to Christ. we did not leave these dear ones in dilemma. We organized a discipleship class, and these brothers and sisters are growing in the knowledge of the Word of God.”


“I ministered in the remote areas and 60 people were baptized, 90 kids dedicated to God. Thank you so much for accelerating my outreach programs. I now reach over 5 times faster than what I used to do without a motorcycle. May the Lord continue to expand territories for WOE and the Church of Faith In Rwanda.”


“We are not ashamed to let you know that we have experienced grace upon grace in our ministry. My ministry is focused in villages  bordering DRC. We took the evangelistic ministry in each village and the Lord saved 50 people in each village. The total of saved ones  rose to 200. Our gracious God is always good. He indeed assures us victory as we proclaim His Word.  We also assisted 7 people with basic medical insurance and prayed for the patients. ‘Indeed, we have seen the Gospel in Action,’ they said.”


“I have ministering to both patients and staff in Hospitals. While 200 patients and 10 staff gave their lives to Christ at one hospital, 110 patients and 5 staff gave as well gave their lives to Christ at the other hospital. I have made contacts with patients and I am making plan how to visit them and those living in the same place to begin a fellowship. We have already established two Fellowships. And The Lord is doing wonders. Thank you so much for your support in the ministry.”


“Thanks for WOE to have opened my eyes and see a need of reaching people with the Love of Jesus Christ.  My ministry is focused on market places, and on people who are traveling in buses. I normally pay for transport, get into a bus and travels with passengers as I share out the Gospel. This method has been effective and many have turned to the Lord. At market place 300 hundred received Christ and are attending churches.  In buses, 150 got saved.  Pray with me as I keep moving even outside of the city. It is my hope that the Lord of Harvest will save more before this year ends.”


“I really thank God for the success of the ministry in April. We were able to have ministry from home to home in 8 villages. The Lord of harvest saved 600 hundred people. We have established discipleship classes and these brothers and sisters are enjoying the classes. Our hope is to have them grow in faith and join us to reach more for Jesus Christ. Beside this, we reached people in market place, showing Jesus’ film. Many enjoyed watching. We thank God that 200 got saved. We planned to have film show for consecutive 3 days but we ended up having it for 2 days because the tools were not ours. People came in thousands for the last day and found nothing being shown. Pray with us to get our own tools for Jesus Film.”


As we have reported last time, Church of Faith In Rwanda has managed to disciple Mobile Messengers in DRC (Congo). These brothers really need prayers and support. The people being ministered to, are internally displaced in camps and in various locations. “Our mobile messengers have not stopped ministering and witnessing. They are moving from camp to camp preaching and reminding people of the love of God despite the challenges. They are thankful to God for the temporary stop of aggression from the rebels and are praying that a lasting solution be reached so they may return to their homes and restart all over again. We praise God for all our Mobile Messengers serving God in season and out of season.” – Ministry Partner, Church of Faith Rwanda


“For sure, I am grateful to get this noble opportunity to share out how the ministry went in the month of April, 2013. I am based in Mugunga camp. My family and I are still in displaced peoples camp after fleeing the war. Due to war, the innocent people lost their lives. I am therefore based there as I bring the Gospel of hope to the orphans, windows and widowers. Most of these people view God as the one who is far away from people and He is not concerned with what they are going through. Most of the time I’ am in Camp with them reminding them that in the midst of difficulties, God remains God and He cares for His creation. I am overwhelmed to let you know that 200 people gave their lives to Christ. Keep praying with me. Children are malnourished and some of them are dying. There is no regular relief support.  It is not easy to minister to people like these. But alive seed does not fear the soil.”






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