August 28, 2013 WOE Staff

August Mobile Messenger Reports

We had a wonderful time at the Women Conference. About 150 women gathered at our church for a Conference for 3 full days. We just concluded it this morning.
My wife along with other Kenyan and Ugandan women preachers spoke powerfully and myself too had time to share with them Proverbs 31. It was wonderful. Next year women say they want to bring their friends and we may have about 300 and above women coming. Glory to God.” – Ministry Partner, Northern Kenya
Below: Mobile Messengers Open Air Crusade – S. KENYA
Below: Ministry Partner Visiting Two Mobile Messenger Church Plants and Helping Lead a Women’s Conference – S. KENYA
“In the month of August I ministered in home fellowships and visited a family in Maasai land that had just lost their father and husband. They were not born again but God provided His grace and they all attended. Three of them gave their lives to Christ.” – Mobile Messenger, S. Kenya
“During the month of August I extended my ministry to Tanzania where I preached from village to village and house to house discipleship. I gather five families in a village. I also preached in two schools. I witnessed God’s hand for He enable me to cover long distances and was received well by the people who were new to me. 114 people surrendered their lives to Christ! Please pray for me as I intend to do follow up and discipleship next month on the new souls that accepted Christ.” – Mobile Messenger, S. Kenya

Dear WOE!

I take this opportunity to share with you what the Lord is doing in our midst. We are proud because of the partnership between Church of Faith and WOE which is playing a vital role in the Great Commission.

Our Mobile Messengers together with their teams are moving extra miles as they share Christ with the community.  We greatly achieved this due to the motorcycles and bikes you donated to us.  I am glad to let you know that the number of the reached people increased and the saved ones increased as well.

The Jesus Film and equipment you left us is being used for the glory of our Lord Jesus.  The congregations of Church of Faith in Rwanda are using this equipment and many are turning to Christ. However, other denominations are also benefiting from our partnership because CFR is open up to help them using the Jesus Film and equipment for the further advancement of the Kingdom of God on earth.

The construction of two churches goes on well and we still recognize the great role you played in this. Keep praying for us to have these two churches finished for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Keep praying for our Mobile Messengers as they keep preaching “Christ in the Democratic Republic of Congo” (DRC).  It is a hostile place due to internal insecurities caused by different groups of rebels.  Many citizens are starving in different camps. Our Mobile Messengers are devoted to bringing the message of Hope to the people.  We request you in advance to pray for them because their lives are not secure.

-Ministry Partner, Church of Faith Rwanda


“This August, the Lord has been so gracious in our ministry. I thank the Lord to have received a motorcycle and also some members of my team received bikes. These are tools which are helping us to accelerate evangelism greater than before. We managed to travel extra miles as we make Christ known to those who are still in darkness.   Our ministry in one area brought 450 to Christ, our household ministry in another area brought 375 to Christ and finally our evangelistic rally brought 1,203 to Christ. We were able to disciple those who got saved through the help from our dear leader.  1024 of them are part of Church of Faith local congregations while the rest joined the nearby churches.

Once again thank you for motorcycle and bikes you offered, it is really helping us move faster as we make Christ known to people.” – Mobile Messenger, Rwanda



“God has been working with us throughout August. We managed to use soccer to fish young men to Christ. The Lord saved 118 young men from one area.  We also had home to home ministry in which 356 got saved. We proceeded to another area and shared the message of hope and the Lord of harvest was able to bring 459 people to Christ.

We thank the Lord to have given us energy to boldly proclaim his Word. Keep praying for us as we labor with Christ.  The Lord has been with us.  One of the methods I used to bring Youth to Christ was through soccer. I have youth in the Church who are willing to bring more youth to the community of God through soccer.” – Mobile Messenger, Rwanda



“We have seen God moving in the month of August. Our team used bicycles and moved extra miles as they shared the Gospel and as a result 603 received Christ.  Our Ministry Leader brought the Jesus film to us and it was shown in the market place in which 879 people gave their lives to Jesus.

We give all the glory to Almighty God. Mobile Messenger teams are in one accord of becoming feet and voice for Christ as they take and speak out the Power of the Cross of Jesus Christ. We are now equipping more Mobile Messengers with the knowledge of Jesus. We trust that they will help us win others to Christ.” – Mobile Messenger, Rwanda


“We appreciate the gift of both motorcycle and bicycles which are helping us moving extra miles as we proclaim the love of Jesus Christ.  The work performed by the WOE and Central Church of God team helping us build the church which is still under construction, still stands as a living testimony in which non believers are surrendering to Godly Kingdom. May the Lord keep blessing you richly.” – Mobile Messenger, Rwanda


“I hope this report finds well! The Lord has been so gracious to us. After getting bicycles, we felt to work for the Lord as if we are eliminating Malaria in our villages. We prayed and each one of us took his bike and started moving from one village to other in two sectors.

The Lord granted us favor and saved 364 people in one area while in a second area 465 came to Jesus as well. So far 124 have been baptized.

Thanks for helping us move faster by offering bicycles to our team.” – Mobile Messenger, Rwanda


“Greetings from the bottom of my heart!

Once again, I am joyful to inform you that despite the insecurities and war going on between M23 rebels and the Government Army, we are still protected by All Mighty God. The place is currently hostile but at the same time we are appreciating the prayers of WOE and other believers around the world.

The tension has presently increased between rebels and government army.  While there are people who have not left the camps, others are leaving their homes and join them in the camps. Life is not  friendly, people are starving and dying of hunger.

We are grateful to have the Lord’s protection which enables us to bring the whole counsel of the Gospel to the orphans, widows and widowers.

I have been counseling and helping these people to understand that in the midst of the problem, God remains sovereign and cares for His creation. This message is easy to say but believing it is another issue, especially for someone who is starving.  Thank God some of the people in the camps are trusting God for everything. This August, Jesus saved 412 internally displaced people from one camp.  Join us praising Him.

Pray also for these people to get enough food to avoid death due to malnutrition. Many children and grown up people are dying of hunger.  We trust the Lord to provide enough food, blankets, and means for children to attend schools.” – Mobile Messenger, DR Congo


More reports coming soon….

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