May 6, 2011 WOE Staff

Back In The Field

April brought an amazing opportunity to bring our Ministry Leaders from Sudan, Kenya and Rwanda to Charlotte, NC for our first-ever Leadership conference.  Our time together provided us with the chance to all sit face to face, as brothers and sisters, to pray, learn and grow the ministry together for the glory of God!  We knew this meeting was necessary, but we never imagined of how much this would encourage and energize our ministry partners once they returned home.  The emails and phone calls have been an inspiration to us all!  This trip united our vision and gave them each renewed vigor, strength and excitement, knowing that they had many brothers and sisters standing along beside them in prayer and support.  We encourage you to remember to pray for these men, their families and their team of Mobile Messengers daily as God is moving greatly throughout Africa!

Pastor Simon, Southern Kenya
Upon his return home, Pastor Simon met with his team to share the vision and all that he had experienced in the US.  He and his Mobile Messengers, then jointly conducted a city-wide Revival Conference that they had been planning for the past few months, winning many souls for the kingdom.

Pastor Benjamin, Northern Kenya
Pastor Benjamin is one of our newest Ministry Partners.  Upon his return home to Kitale, he was excited to share with his team, the vision and opportunities that God was providing.  They eagerly Mobile Messengers await their new motorbikes, so that they can do more for the glory of God.

Pastor Morris, Central Sudan
This was Pastor Morris’ first ever trip outside of Africa.  You can imagine his excitement and awe during this trip as our way of live is so different from his normal life in Sudan.  Communication in Sudan is not always easy and for Pastor Morris to send email to us, he must travel to another town to use the internet.  This opportunity to sit down face to face with him was a tremendous blessing and he was overjoyed with the opportunity that God provided.  Upon returning home to his wife, Kabena and their seven children, he immediately met with his team of 5 Mobile Messengers and shared all that he had learned during this time.  We praise the Lord for what He is doing in Central Sudan through these amazing men, during this important and critical time in Sudan.  On July 9th, Sudan will be divided into two separate countries.  As of now, we are not sure whether Pastor Morris and his team will fall into the North or the South.  In speaking with Pastor Morris during his visit, he stated that since there are more Christians in the South, he prefers that his region would fall into the North, as this would give him more opportunity to reach the Muslim who are in the North.  Please keep Pastor Morris, his family and his team of Mobile Messengers in prayer!

Pastor Ananie, Rwanda
Pastor Ananie is also one of our newest Ministry Partners.  Pastor Ananie has  a servant’s heart and a desire to take the Gospel throughout all of Rwanda, making sure that all have heard of the saving grace of Jesus Christ!  Upon returning from the United States, he immediately met with this new team to plan and prepare for moving throughout Rwanda with their new motorbikes that will be arriving very soon.  Pastor Ananie is a tremendous blessing and we know God will continue to use him greatly throughout Rwanda!

Pastor Sosthen, Southern Sudan
Pastor Sosthen was unable to join us in the United States for our Leadership conference.  Pastor Sosthen has a passionate heart for sharing the message of Christ and discipling believers.  He currently has one additional Mobile Messenger working with him, but has others that are in training and preparing for the future.  Although he was not able to join us in person, we knew he was praying for us as he continued to work throughout the Southern area of Sudan.  With Open Eyes is planning a trip to Sudan in July, where we will be able to spend time face to face with Pastor Sosthen and his team.  We will also be able to celebrate with their village on their Independence Day, July 9th, as the South of Sudan will separate from the North of Sudan and become a new country.  Please remember to keep the people of Sudan in your prayers during this important and critical time.

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