May 9, 2013 WOE Staff

Be Part of our Move into Ethiopia


We are moving into “new land” at With Open Eyes. We are excited to announce a partnership with Church at Charlotte and SIM in joining efforts to redeem the country of Ethiopia.

We are so inspired by the movement that is taking place through the men and women of the Kale Heywet Church, which currently makes up 10% of the population in Ethiopia. For a denomination that has 8 million believers, their vision to extend the gospel in Ethiopia has not stopped there. They want to aggressively multiply disciple makers, increase church membership and extend discipleship training to more than 70 groups throughout Ethiopia.

To start the movement, they need 18 motorbikes by the end of the summer. That’s right, 18 motorbikes for a denomination of 8 million! That means 1 motorbike will serve over 600 churches.

The Lord has brought us into a new land and has once again opened our eyes. The land is fresh, it’s new, and it’s ready. As we move into this new land, will you consider planting a seed whether big or small?


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