October 25, 2016 Carrie Kintz

Catching Up with Pastor Simon: Our First Mobile Messenger

1nbr8440Last week, we had our friends from Kenya come to visit us for a few special events in Charlotte. Pastor Simon, one of our board members and our very first mobile messenger, Benson, our mobile messenger trainer and Pastor Daniel, one of our mobile messengers all came with stories about what the Lord is doing in Kenya and Africa through their work and With Open Eyes.

I sat down with them and asked them to share a little bit of background on how they work with WOE and how they came to know Jesus. They also share a few stories about work they’re doing and how we can specifically pray for them and their work.

Read on to learn how Pastor Simon came to the Lord, why he thinks humility is essential to service and how you can pray for him and his family.

Pastor Simon, you’ve been with WOE from the very beginning, working with our co-founder James as the first mobile messenger. And we’re so grateful for all the work you’ve done for WOE. But we’d love to hear how you came to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior and become a pastor?

It’s one thing to become a Christian; it’s another thing to get saved. My mom used to take me to church all the time. Even when I was growing up, I went to Sunday School; I had to read all the books and memorize so many things and recite them before the congregation. And I was really good at that. After primary school, I went to Nairobi to study with my brother. I realized I only knew Jesus in my mind and not in my heart.

I was going to church with my brother who was a born again Christian and the message was very, very clear. I realized I needed to be washed in the blood of Jesus. I kept asking my brother, “What is the difference between you and me?” And he explained so many things to me. One day I heard the message very clear that without the blood of Jesus, kneeling down and without accepting Jesus Christ, without knowing Him, really knowing Him not only in my mind but in my heart, there is no way I can go to heaven.  And at that moment I made the best decision ever and gave, surrendered my life to the Lord, and that’s when the calling of the Lord to become a pastor happened.

What an amazing revelation of how much we need Jesus and the power of His blood to make us clean and born again. As you’ve walked with Him, what is one verse or section of Scripture that you mediate on?

For me, it is 2 Chronicles 7:14 which talks about if God’s people who are called by His name will humble themselves…and always I think about that. I reflect on the humbleness of Jesus Christ and the way He lived. I think that’s where we need to start. His humility in washing the disciples’ feet. He did everything in a very humble way. He left the glory in heaven and was born in a manger to the earth to serve and save people like me and you.

And I think wow. I always think – Simon, you have to humble yourself so that you can serve others. You know, we call ourselves Christians, which attaches us to Jesus Christ. So we should be doing things the way He did.

Do you have any stories you could share about the work you do for With Open Eyes?

In the history of the communities, if you choose to become a pastor, people will look at you as the poorest person in the whole world. But now, they see as our pastors get a motorbike, they start to see things in a different perspective.1nbr8460

They see that pastors can go from house to house, they see the good things that God does for you – it changes their hearts. It brings a new testimony, and they feel like they have to listen to the pastor. They look at the messenger himself when he comes with a motorbike or the Bible that they give the community for free. And people are amazed and become very accepting of hearing the Gospel because most people come and sell things. But the motorbikes are a huge thing that God has used. It has changed the perspective of many, many people. Even the Chiefs, who is the head of the village. The Chiefs are starting to ask questions because they’re seeing their people taking to the pastor. They see the pastor as different. And when we say God can provide, they see the motorbike as proof of that, and it gives us a chance to share God’s word.

Lastly, how can we pray for you and your congregations?

Sometimes my schedule can be very tight and very busy. So I’m praying God can show me how to balance my schedule and time with my family. I believe it’s God first, then family, then the ministry. I need balance so that I don’t have so much time away from my family, from my wife. So just to pray for me to balance that time together.

For number two, I get many calls from many mobile messengers. Especially when they are walking through tough things, hard things they call me. And the burden is very heavy sometimes. Even if I’m happy on the outside, I have a very heavy load on the inside. Because it can wear me out, to carry the burden to pray for my brothers and sisters.