July 9, 2011 WOE Staff

Celebrating the Independence of the Republic of Southern Sudan!

Today, Saturday, July 9th, our hearts are full and we are blessed beyond our expectations to have been right here with these Sudanese people as they celebrate their freedom and Independence.  As many have said, today is their birthday.  Frank started us off with a devotion of being free from fear.

Then, we had time to video Sosthen and he shared so much history with us.  We made our way to the Lui Cathedral grounds, where the famous Laro Tree is.  The tree where their forefathers were sold as slaves, the tree where the Christian church began in the South of Sudan by Dr. Frazier in the 1920′s.  He brought them their first Bible and taught them from it.  Today, the tree is dedicated as the Salvation Tree as they celebrate their Independence as the Republic of Southern Sudan.

We got lots of interviews with locals, it was awesome and then we attended the morning worship service as they praised the Lord for their freedom. The Word was Deuteronomy 28:1 and the Blessings of Obedience, as they begin their first day as a new nation. The cathedral was full and I was so emotional as hundreds and hundreds of children entered from the schools, each school in a different color, they marched in chanting ‘Welcome to South Sudan!’  They sat us in the front and treated us as honored guests.

Frank gave a strong message and Dr. Jones blessed the entire cathedral with an amazing prayer. They told us that only love could have brought us back to see them. Our hearts are full as I send you this because we are seated under that tree with hundreds and hundreds of people at the public rally.

The village chief is speaking now, they have had special performances by youth and children, public addresses by representatives from Parliament in Juba and the Bishop of the church. The gov. In Juba sent them 2 bulls to slaughter and eat for their celebration. Futbol, food and dancing is yet to come. They are so, so happy, have waited for this day for a very long time. Only God could have brought us here for this. It’s amazing.  More to come later….

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  1. Dianne

    Wow Monica, sounds amazing…Must be really awesome to actually see this.  While reading the blog I actually feel like I am there as well….GOD be with all of you!  I pray for you all several times during my day that you are safe.  The smiles on all the peoples faces say enough.  Thank you for all you are doing. Dianne from Charlotte

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