July 12, 2013 WOE Staff

Celebration of New Mobile Messengers!

Do you remember the feeling as a little child on Christmas morning as you walked into the room to see a shiny new bicycle with a big bow on it next to the tree, or the moment when you got the keys to your first car as a teen? Think back to those moments for a second. That is exactly the excitement a pastor in Africa feels times 1000, when he/she receives the keys to a motorcycle for the first time during the Mobile Messenger dedication ceremony!

During the month of June, thanks to your generous donations and faithful prayers, With Open Eyes provided 13 motorcycles to accelerate the ministries of pastors in South Sudan, Kenya and Rwanda. This provision from God now brings the total number of pastors mobilized to 121, accelerating their efforts in planting 175 churches, and over 31,000 people starting a relationship with Jesus Christ! This has happened in such a short time of only two and half years since the first distribution of transportation. God is moving mightily using Mobile Messengers to bring truth and hope through His Word to every corner of their land!

The new Mobile Messengers will start giving us reports next month of accessing remote areas and beginning to plant churches. We can’t wait to share those with you and celebrate together in being part of what God does during the next half of 2013!

The With Open Eyes Team


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