April 11, 2013 WOE Staff

Changing Lives from their Own Backyards

We want to take time to recognize some of the work happening in our own backyard to support the work the Lord is doing through Mobile Messengers. We can’t give enough thank you’s to everyone who has invested time and resources in this ministry.

Two beautiful women who went on a trip with us this past September saw the body in Kenya suffering, and decided they couldn’t just walk away. Their words and prayers became alive and active.

Upon returning home Miss Jackie Pegram was burdened for the Maasai people. She gathered a group of 4th grade girls to start raising money to finish building a church in a village that had none. The funds were raised and recently sent. We are eagerly anticipating the pictures of the completed church!


By all accounts Dee Armbruster is known as a sweet, quiet woman with a gentle spirit, but she is also a woman with a fiery passion and a hardened determination to bring His love to others. Dee recently used her talents in baking to raise support for issues near and dear to her heart along with creating a personal fundraising page to rally friends and family around the cause. Through her efforts, the church in Namanga, Kenya has been able to enhance their ministry and tangibly bless those in need in their community.

This past week, we were so humbled and blessed to receive a gift in honor of Richard Steele, a long time member of the Lancaster South Carolina Rotary Club and missionary to Africa. His son, Bliss Steele, helped organize the effort to provide the necessary resources for a pastor overseas to go farther in delivering the spiritual and physical message of Hope. We can’t thank the Lancaster Rotary Club enough for the invitation and their generous gift!

It’s a beautiful thing when we move past a relationship that is based strictly on giving or receiving and shift into a place where we are a family…where the church is taking care of the church.


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