A War, A Hope, and the Mobile Messengers in South Sudan

PUSS O'Brien visit to South Sudan, 24-25 April 2012 (Jamam refugee camp). Hehlan Umdan, 23, a refugee from Sudan (far left, pink dress), in the Jamam camp in South Sudan. She has three children and has been in the camp since November 2011. Oxfam water distribution point.

Today we have a guest post from Brad Hobbs. Brad shares his heart for the crisis in South Sudan and how the church here in America can help.  It is the summer of 2017. For South Sudan, it should be a season of great celebration and feasting to celebrate 6 years of independence from Sudanese rule. Yet there is a

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Reaching Rwanda with the Gospel

Bibles Distributed - Rwanda

Imagine a country with sloping mountains and a national park dedicated to volcanos, gorillas, and golden monkeys and you have just a small picture of Rwanda. Nestled between the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Burundi, and Tanzania, Rwanda has a big reputation for such a small country. Over the years, this African nation has been the focal point of world news

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“When I was in Prison, You Came To Me

In Prison, In Ministry

It was never my goal in life to be a prison chaplain. Nobody grows up dreaming of spending their days wading through the darkness and oppression that looms over a prison filled with the outcasts of our society. But the Lord had another plan. Reaching the lost and hurting population of the penitentiary became my calling for twenty years. I

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