Celebrating Christmas Around the World


Christmas is a time of anticipation and hope for Christians around the world. That Jesus Christ came to earth, God in human flesh as Redeemer and Reconciler is the reason for all weary souls to rejoice. While the themes of Christmas are the same for each Christian, how we celebrate the advent of Jesus is not. The work that With

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A Thanksgiving Prayer for Mobile Messengers


As Thanksgiving approaches, we are grateful for all the work of our Mobile Messengers, the support of faithful friends, and the guidance of the Lord in all things. The holidays can be a time of great celebration but also a hardship for many. For friends and family around the world, they face continued persecution because of the Gospel. We want

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3 Ways We Show Appreciation for Our Mobile Messengers


Here in the United States, October is, among other things, Clergy Appreciation month. It was set aside as a month to recognize the contributions pastors make in the lives of their congregants. It’s also a chance to celebrate their families and the sacrifices that often come with experience in full-time ministry. In thinking about appreciating our Clergy here in the States, we

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