May 13, 2010 WOE Staff

Day One – Transporting Kamal Out of His Village and into Nairobi

We arrived in Kauda around noon today, 5/13/10 and much to my surprise, a truck pulled up and Kamal was right in the front seat wearing a pullover, sweat pants and a toboggan in 115 degree weather! He remembered me, smiled and nodded but didn’t speak much. His daughter, Marsa, was with him. She is his primary caregiver so she is accompanying him throughout the trip and during his medical treatment.

We went back to the Samaritan’s Purse base in Kauda and had a chance to talk for a bit. They shared with me that Kamal initially did not want to do this, he said he was already old, 65 years old but his wife convinced him to do it for her and their children, so he could one day walk to church with them.

After leaving Kauda – we stopped to pick up Kamal’s son, Elijah. They had not seen each other in 6 years so it was a very emotional reunion – he ran into the airplane and put his arms around Kamal. Kamal was very emotional but he opened up tremendously around his son and he began to speak much more.

I believe that this story is about the entire TuTu family – not just Kamal. This experience is impacting them in a tremendous way. It gave me great joy to see them experiencing and seeing things they never have in their life. Kamal was very laid back and relaxed on the airplane, where his daughter was nervous and held her hands over her face. They looked out the windows and saw places and things they never have. Watching them see the lights of the city of Nairobi was impressive.

Kamal and his family are settled for the night Nairobi. Tomorrow will be a big day for me. getting to spend time talking with them, hearing stories, etc. We are also going to get Kamal a dental evaluation while we’re here as Kamal has never even had his teeth brushed. What a day. There is a rock concert or something going on right outside of our hotel so a good night’s rest might be difficult. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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  1. AmyLine

    Josh, Thank you so much for the update. I love the details! What an experience to be there and to witness how precious Kamal and his family are. You are blessed to be there! I will pray for you and his journey! Amy Line

  2. Larry Greene

    Thanks josh for all you do. i apprecate all the updates, keep up the great work. In Him we live and move and have our being. LG

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