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Something special is happening in Africa. A slow, but steady renewal is happening in many of its countries, with men and women showing a passion and a hunger not only to know Jesus but to be messengers of His gospel.

But taking that seed of passion and turning it into a tangible reality can seem like an insurmountable mountain.

That is where With Open Eyes and you come in! With Open Eyes exists to help the underserved and the unreached people of our world. We do this by partnering with local churches in Africa and providing them help and resources to train people to preach the Word.

We do this by raising up Mobile Messengers. Everyone who wants to become a Mobile Messenger through With Open Eyes gets training, a backpack filled with resources, and even a motorbike, bicycle, or SUV to go into the difficult and dangerous terrain of their countries.

Would you consider partnering with us to provide Bibles and Bible Studies, backpacks, training, The Jesus Film, or a motorbike to these brothers and sisters? Every dollar helps the Kingdom of God advance to the uttermost parts of the earth.


bibles picBibles - $5

Get the Word of God into the hands of men and women eager to read and learn of it!

$5 gives the gift of the Gospel to these precious men and women.


audio bibleSolar Powered Audio Bible - $40

With more than 850 languages available, this audio Bible is a huge help to Mobile Messengers. These solar powered Bibles give those who travel the opportunity to go great distances without having to worry about batteries or charging stations. As they preach and minister, this tool can play the Bible in their own language, helping those who have never heard the good news of Jesus hear it for the first time.

Imagine getting the Word of God in your hands and hearing the saving message of Jesus Christ in your own language.

pastors bible study1Pastor's Bible Study - $40

Provide a study uniquely created to help pastors grow in their role of shepherd. We are currently looking to get a study for our pastors that offers not only solid study of the Bible but also provides them with unique African perspectives on the Word of God. Your gift would give a pastor the chance to grow spiritually and impact his congregation through solid teaching and Biblical exposition.

Water Resistant, Durablewoe backpacks Backpack - $150

A durable backpack is necessary when you are walking or riding into difficult-to-reach areas of your country. Our Mobile Messengers use these packs to travel all over parts of Africa, carrying Bibles, The Jesus Film and all its equipment, as well as other necessary items for surviving in tough terrain.

Easy to wear for walking or for travel, these backpacks are a necessity for our Mobile Messengers


bible trainingMobile Messenger Training - $1000

Many people who come to know Jesus want to share the good news with those in their communities. But the options for seminary and theological training are limited.

By sending someone through Bible Training Center for Pastors. you give the gift of deep spiritual training. Those who enter the training graduate with the ability to Study the Word and apply it to their lives and the lives of others. They also have a formed Biblical worldview and basic ministry skills, i.e. the ability to shepherd and care for those entrusted to him.

Transportation - $2000transportation

When we first met Pastor Simon at With Open Eyes, he was walking miles in every direction to preach and share Jesus with others. He wasn't and isn't alone. Many of the countries in Africa have rough terrain, as well as wild animals to contend with.

Providing transportation, whether motorbike, bicycle or SUV gives our Mobile Messengers to get farther, faster and safer.

jesus filmThe Jesus Film Project - $2500

Provide not only the Jesus Film but the equipment to show the Jesus Film to remote villages and bustling cities in different countries! This includes the projector, the large screen, the PA system.  All of this is solar powered to make it easier to show in the remote areas where there is no electricity.  This comes in one back pack that the Mobile Messenger can carry on their back to set up and show to the villages. Your donation allows this powerful film to be used as a tool for evangelism in some of the most remote places in the world.

Mobile Messenger Pack - $3600mm total

This is the whole deal! Your donation would provide a motorcycle, Biblical training, a backpack, 50 Bibles, The Jesus Film Project, and 5 Solar Powered Audio Bibles to a Mobile Messenger!