March 7, 2013 WOE Staff

February 2013 Mobile Messenger Reports


“Gihorwe is one of our churches which have been greatly impacted by our partnership with WOE.  The church serves a testimony of what the Lord is doing. Moving from meeting outside in the cold and rain to a new church facility is amazing.

The Mobile Messenger over this area has been doing tremendous work leading to many people giving their lives to Christ as well as new church plants birthed. His performance has multiplied since he received a motorcycle from WOE. He says that it has greatly multiplied his effectiveness as he serves the church communities and his family. He says that he ministers to about 5-times places he used to and spends more evenings with his family which he couldn’t achieve before he got a motorbike.” – Ministry Partner, Church of Faith Rwanda

I wish I had appropriate words to fully express the joy we have towards our visitors and the great partnership we share with WOE. I wish I could better express how my effectiveness has been multiplied both as a Mobile Messenger, father and husband. May God bless WOE.– Mobile Messenger, Church of Faith Rwanda


“Two ‘special’ people who joined us as the service went by; a mad man (mentally challenged due to demon-possession) and a drunkard. Usually in our area these are people who do not come to church. We believe there’s a reason they came. Our prayer is that the demon-possessed man may be freed from Satan’s chains and be healed in the Name of Jesus Christ. The drunkard is being visited and ministered to by our Mobile Messenger and pastor; pray that the Lord may heal him from this addiction which has badly affected him and his family; pray that instead he may be filled with the Holy Spirit. God is able to change the seemingly unchangeable.– Ministry Partner, Church of Faith Rwanda



“I did house to house ministry in Tanzania. God healed three people I prayed for, two were suffering from chronic illness and one who had suffered from back ache for a long time. Glory to God!” – Mobile Messenger, Cities of Refuge Ministries

“God is doing great things, prayed for a family that had a land dispute and God intervened and an amicable solution was found through prayers!” – Mobile Messenger, Cities of Refuge Ministries

Shekinah Glory Missions Primary School Children celebrating with WOE Team during visit.

Shekinah Glory Mission Ministry Partner, Mobile Messenger and WOE’s Garrett McNeill during February field visit.



New church plant in South Sudan

Amadi Convention in South Sudan – Over 300 salvations during the week long outreach!

Praising our Lord Jesus in South Sudan!

New child in Christ getting ready for baptism in South Sudan

Discipleship seminar – ALARM Mobile Messenger

Extremely difficult and dangerous living situations for people in volatile Pibor County, South Sudan

House burned down during violence in Pibor County, South Sudan

“This was another good moment I had in the field when traveling to one of the most unreached areas in eastern equatoria. I met those (pictured above) you can see me preaching to them, I found them in a disagreement under the influence of alcohol and I thank God that it became a ground of preaching the good news of salvation and reconciliation where the Lord gave me the grace where I was able settle it peacefully and I also did reconciliation among them. Therefore, I would like to thank God for his grace in protecting me in this noble job of reaching out with the gospel of salvation and the message of reconciliation among the war like (toughest) community.” – Mobile Messenger, African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries in South Sudan


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