September 22, 2011 WOE Staff

First Container On its Way

WITH OPEN EYES is excited to announce today the first container of nearly $600,000 in medical supplies was loaded for shipment to South Sudan. This tremendous need was first communicated in our original documentary. It is an overwhelming blessing from God to participate in providing these basic needs to the people of South Sudan. The shipment is scheduled to reach our ministry partners, Pastor Sosthen Amin and Bishop Stephen Dokolo, in South Sudan November 30th. Along with our Mobile Messengers in the field, Pastor Sosthen and Bishop Stephen will distribute the supplies directly to the Lui Hospital.

Thank you very much for your hard work for the people of God in this part of the world.” – Bishop Stephen Dokolo

Please join us in rejoicing and praising God today! We also ask for your continued prayers over this container as it travels to South Sudan.

Loading Container


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