June 18, 2012 WOE Staff

First Day in the Field

June 13 Pathfinder South Sudan Report

-Ross Williams

My first full day in Lui has been incredible. Sosthen and I went on a long walk last night and had a great discussion.

Sosthen told me about the way he operates and utilizes his mobile messengers. He was very energetic about expanding. We have discussed the different ways he selects sites for church plants. He usually holds a meeting with people he knows within an area he intends to start a church to get their thoughts on the effectiveness and proper placement of that church, as it relates to the surrounding population. Many times he says he will start with open air preaching to proclaim the Gospel and get people interested. Once a church is started and a group begins to hear the Word he will then began in engaging the community at an individual level. He will go door to door to speak with individuals about their personal concerns and about community concerns. From that population he will seek out individuals who volunteer to take charge of the new church and the community to become new mobile messengers. He says training for new messengers is divided into 3 phases each lasting 21 days. He states some people’s training can be disrupted and delayed due to lack of food/water for them.

Having said all this, today has been amazing to say the least. I visited with youth all day, a couple of whom are mobile messengers (on bicycles). We shared testimonies, and discussed scripture and prayed. In the afternoon they, along with Sosthen, shared with me the challenges faced by Lui and the youth as well.

They laid out 3 main challenges:

1. Musical Instruments for Worship
2. Scholarships – I have NEVER seen people more eager to learn than the group I met with today.
3. Training/Vocation Center – This was another big one. They talked about building a place where they can have teachers come through and teach the people how to do different things: english, computers, carpentry, and many other skill related jobs. Sosthen said they can build it themselves if we could try to help them with materials.

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  1. Jay Stine

    Ross, love what you are doing brother! We are praying for you and so encouraged by your words. Keep loving well.

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