August 11, 2012 WOE Staff

First Full Day of Ministry in Rwanda

“Today was a great start to a week of ministry. We went to Church Faith Rwanda. We had approx 150 children in attendance today…we expected about 70 – 80. Children from the street kept coming when they saw that something special was taking place. It was great! The team split the children up into 3 groups….Bible Story, Games and Crafts and the groups rotated thru each section. They used a flannel graph kit that we purchased and it was a huge hit. They sang songs, played games and then decorated sun visors for their craft. Language was not a barrier. The children loved the team and the team loved the children. Check out the picture of the little girl and Scott from the team, with their hands in the air. She was precious. She was talking to him just like he understood every word and all we could understand was “Scott”…she knew his name. He just talked back to her like he understood. It was precious. At one point, he had about 10 little ones all over him and he was loving on all of them just like they were his own grandchildren.

After ministry at the church we went for a late lunch at the Hotel Des Millie Collines (the hotel in ‘Hotel Rwanda’). It was beautiful there and the views seemed even more spectacular. I kept thinking about what all had taken place at the hotel during the genocide. What a place of refuge! After lunch, our day of remembrance continued as we visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial. Words can’t explain. In talking to Pastor Ananie about the devastation…..every family experience some loss, regardless of what side. In some cases, the whole family was wiped out. Seeing pictures of the people who were massacred in their everyday life before….pictures of the innocent little children and how they were killed. It was all unbelievable….we left there with more urgency to bring the HOPE of Jesus to the people of Rwanda. He is the only one that can bring healing and new life after such devastation.

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