March 18, 2013 WOE Staff

Five Weeks in Africa!

Our field and partner relations team just returned from 5 exciting weeks in Africa visiting partners and their Mobile Messengers! It was a time to encourage, build relationships, strategize, and dream huge God-sized dreams together! The team visited 4 countries, 5 partners, 2 prospective partners and many, many Mobile Messenger church plants. Each day consisted of at least 6-8 hours in a plane, SUV or on the back of a motorcycle to reach the extremely remote areas our partners serve. Here is a glimpse of their experiences in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, and South Sudan.

“One day we went 10 hours there and back to a village in the middle of the bush, when we got there we realized the sole purpose was to visit a village of 12 families, previously unreached…that to us really showed the true heart of our ministry. Not many organizations would spend the resources or time for such a small number, but Jesus said to leave the flock of 99 to find the one and that’s what these pastors are doing!” – Garrett McNeill, WOE Field and Partner Relations Associate

(Below) Mobile Messengers delivering basic food supplies to village visited that people had absolutely nothing to live on.


There is story after story of amazing examples of Mobile Messengers finding previously unreached villages and planting new fruitful churches!

“We heard stories of a village praying for a pastor and within a matter of weeks Mobile Messenger, Pastor Cosmos, came riding up on a brand new motorbike that had been given to him. And now that village on top of a mountain has someone to shepard their flock and raise a leader for their community. We had the privilege of visiting that church in a SUV and the whole ride up we were AMAZED that he was able to travel up and down this steep, rocky, ridiculously dangerous mountain face every week for church. It was so sweet to see the people’s love and pride for their pastor and their church.” – Michelle McNeill, WOE Outreach Associate

It is incredible to see how having the resource of transportation, really impacts the daily lives and overall effectiveness of the Mobile Messengers.

Garrett explained, “With some of the motor bikes we distributed a year ago we saw that they have travelled over 20,000 km. That’s 12,427 miles! Can you imagine how long it would take to walk that? It’s the equivalent of walking across the United States, from coast to coast, 4 times! That’s what they were doing. Now they are able to reach further places in far less time!”



MORE field stories coming soon!


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