January 25, 2012 WOE Staff

Following the Path of the Mobile Messenger

“It’s dusty, bumpy, hot and a bit overwhelming. It’s the pathway of a Mobile Messenger. As our team travels down the dirt roads and dry riverbeds outside Mwingi Town, we can’t help but wonder how a Mobile Messenger walked all this way…why he walked all this way to come to this village. Our wonder soon turns to sorrow as we are bordered on both sides by field after field of brown corn stalks. They’re dead. Before the corn ever had a chance to produce a crop of food the rains stopped. Now they simply stand as a reminder of the drought that grips this land and strangles these wonderful people.

The van stops by a little wooden structure. We quietly climb out overcome by the solemnness of it all. We’re still trying to process. In this dry land our sadness is interrupted by singing. Praise! These same people we had grown to feel such pity for, where coming out to greet us one by one. The singing never stopped. Each smiling face a reminder that the joy of the Lord is not dependent on a worldly crop. And, we will never in our lives forget the phrase, “you are welcome.”

We spent the morning worshiping, praying and teaching in the church of a Mobile Messenger. We visited orphans being cared for by members of this new congregation. We visited an older lady being cared for by these people. How do they help others – what do they have? We watched as the tiny aisle between the wooden benches filled with singing people walking to the offering basket to give God an offering. Some brought change, some brought fruit, some brought food. Whatever they had to give. Whatever they had to share.

Our time in Mwingi ended under an acacia tree. I sat surrounded by eleven future Mobile Messengers seeking to learn all they could in our short visit. Eleven new Christian leaders from this one small church. A few questions and some small gifts and it was time to go. Back down the dusty road. Back over the bumps. Back through the corn fields. And, though we still pray with all our hearts for rain to transform this land, we now know in the path of the Mobile Messenger God can bring a harvest no matter the worldly circumstances.”

Courtney Cash

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