April 6, 2017 Carrie Kintz

Food Aid Delivered to Drought Devastated Countries in Africa

The Lord continues to amaze us at With Open Eyes as He opens doors for greater ministry outreach. Since 2011, we have equipped 301 Mobile Messengers in 14 countries across Africa and Asia. Our most recent ministry partnerships have taken us to Northern Nigeria, Ghana, Mali and Ivory Coast in Africa and Northern India and Nepal in Asia.

Every one of these locations presents new challenges and new opportunities to shine the light of the Gospel into some of the darkest places on earth.

Difficulties and challenges are a way of life for our Mobile Messengers. Not one has an easy path to carrying out the ministry of reaching the unreached and underserved peoples God has called them to. Yet they persevere in the knowledge they are fulfilling their part in the great plan of God to reach their people.

Just last week we received word from one of our partners that he was attacked during a worship service at a new church plant location by young men who do not want a church there. Unfortunately, hardships like this are constant. Our Mobile Messengers are the models for the Biblical virtue of perseverance.

FD8Making the work of our Mobile Messengers even more difficult are the ongoing severe drought conditions in Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Sudan and Ethiopia. Today most of East Africa finds itself in the worst drought they’ve experienced in over twenty years.

As a result, crop yields are nearly nonexistent, cattle are dying and food shortages and steep cost increases are occurring. Famine is beginning to spread as millions find themselves and their families hungry. Our Mobile Messengers are not immune from such hardships. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been able to help provide staple items to many of our Mobile Messengers’ families across Kenya and Tanzania.

What an encouragement for them to know they are cared for and their circumstances are known. Meeting critical needs like these during difficult times is one of the greatest ways we can model the love and compassion of the Lord not only to our pastors but to the communities in which they minister. With Open Eyes dedicates ten percent of all revenue to meet humanitarian needs among the unreached and underserved people we minister to.

God does indeed use great difficulty to do great things. Again and again FD11throughout the Bible difficulty is the path through which God advances His agenda and develops His people. We find that great difficulty often opens the door to the sharing of God’s love and His plan of salvation.

But it takes more than our words of commitment and determination to meet the difficulties head-on. It takes you. Your prayers and financial support allow us to help meet the needs of passionate pastors in far away places determined to reach lost people for Jesus. We are extending an invitation to you to join our Mobile Messengers on their mission. Would you please make a generous gift today to help? withopeneyes.net/donate.

To see more pictures of our food distribution, visit our Facebook page.


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