July 22, 2013 WOE Staff

From the Field in Rwanda

With Open Eyes’ Sheri Sloan along with a mission team from Central Church of God in Charlotte, North Carolina arrived Friday in Rwanda. The 10 day mission trip will include helping Mobile Messengers’ church communities build walls for 2 churches, children’s ministry, evangelism outreaches, and a Mobile Messenger dedication ceremony. We will update pictures throughout the week, so check back frequently!

Above: Mission Team with WOE’s Ministry Partner in Rwanda

Above: 50 new bicycles ready to be distributed to Pastors!

Above: New Mobile Messengers ready to go share about Jesus!

Above: Sports ministry outreach led by Mobile Messengers

Above: Mission team helping the church community build the church walls…one brick at a time

Above: Church service

Above: Hanging the backdrop to show the Jesus film

Above: Current Mobile Messenger Church

Above: Mission team working together with church community to build new church

Above: Mission team member being welcomed into village (the first time this village has ever had a mission team visit)

Below: The mission team with new Mobile Messenger friends!

Below: Children’s outreach

Below: The walls of the church are going up!

Below: Baptism Celebrations!


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  1. salome wairerah

    wow!!!!its amazing you guyz look wonderful in those pictures they really speak alot may God bless you to that work and for touching other soul with your mission…GOD bless the entire ministry of open eyes ..love you all..

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