March 28, 2011 WOE Staff

Global Ministry Movements Happen With Partnerships

He Never Intended For Us To Work Alone

“Then I will come down and talk with you there.  I will take the Spirit that is upon you and will put the same upon them; and they shall bear the burden of the people with you, that you may not bear it yourself alone.” Numbers 11:17

With Open Eyes
Leader Conference
April 2011 – Charlotte, NC

Serving those who serve others has taken on an entire new meaning to our team.  The tragedies and suffering around the world are signs that Jesus Christ is coming again and there is a greater sense of urgency than ever before to share the love and hope found in Him with the world.  In our own effort, it is impossible to accomplish, however with God in charge, all things are possible! For this reason, we have accepted the call for a small but vital role in the Lord’s global strategy – to accelerate His fulfillment of the Great Commission by coming along-side existing ministries around the world with credible leadership and proven effectiveness and providing them with the transportation needed to make their steps for Christ multiply rapidly.

A few weeks ago, the Lord placed a burden on our hearts to gather together with our ministry partner leaders in Africa. These mighty warriors exemplify modern day apostles, working tirelessly to seek and train other leaders to work along-side them, serving those in need, sharing Christ and discipling believers.  They have carried a burden for those suffering in their countries for some time and now, the Lord has united us to work together.

All have accepted the invitation and will be traveling to the United States next month!  We are overjoyed at having ministry leaders from Central & South Sudan, Northern & Southern Kenya and Rwanda, right in Charlotte, NC.  God’s Word is alive and true and He promises to meet us at the table He has prepared for us.

We have much to accomplish during this short visit.  We must be about our Father’s business but we also hope to impart a time of refreshing and encouragement for their souls.  For a few, this will be their first trip to the United States and for all, it will be a rare time away from their families and ministries.

We know the time is urgent and His coming is close at hand!  Because our ministry funds are used to equip their pastors in the field, would you consider helping to support one or more of their visits?  The approximate cost per person is $2500 and includes all airfare, transfers & travel visas.

As a special thank you for those willing to sponsor a pastor’s visit, we’ve set aside a time for you to meet with these amazing leaders and hear first hand of their role as a leader, mentor and developer of mobile messengers on the ground in their countries.  This will be an exciting time, to hear what God is doing, the  amazing movement He’s creating through your support!

To donate:


or send a check to:

With Open Eyes
4100 Coca-Cola Plaza
Charlotte, NC 28211

For additional information, please call (704) 442-7117.


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  1. daniel waddimba

    We pray that Uganda will get a chance to have open eyes also make a difference there. Daniel Waddimba proposed messenger.

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