January 26, 2016 Tommy Mcbride

Helping Heroes

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. My grandsons are enamored with Batman, Spiderman, Hulk and Thor. As they get older their idea of what heroes are will change. For many, we find our heroes throughout the pages of scripture. Abraham, Moses, David and the Apostles are all larger-than-life figures we come to admire greatly.

Last week in Africa we spent our time with a group of heroes. Pastors Simon and Ben in Kenya, Morris in Sudan, Levi in South Sudan, Ananie in Rwanda and Sosthen in Uganda along with the 257 Mobile Messengers they lead are being used mightily by God as they take the gospel message to their countrymen. They are truly modern day heroes of the faith and the real heroes of With Open Eyes. We marveled as we heard story after story of hardship, persecution and monumental challenges being overcome in order to advance the message of hope.

We’ve shared the story of Sosthen’s move from South Sudan to the refugee settlement in Uganda because of fierce tribal conflicts. Also from the Nuba Mountain region of Sudan, Pastor Morris and his wife were able to join us for part of our time. There they shared with us the many difficulties they face in their day-to-day lives, often having to flee their home to hide in nearby caves to escape the bombings. But they and their group of Mobile Messengers remain steadfast and undeterred. Instead of bemoaning their situation, they continually gave God glory for what He is doing in their lives and ministry.

What a privilege we have to partner with these heroes. The opportunity before us is great. The Lord is using our army of Mobile Messengers. Our desire is to resource them for the work before them and to see the Lord raise up even more heroes to be a part of this great ministry. We invite you to join the team of With Open Eyes with your prayers and financial gifts to help these heroes advance the light amidst the darkness.