January 22, 2012 WOE Staff

How Beautiful are the Feet

It’s interesting how certain passages of Scripture or little phrases can become the theme of a mission trip, family vacation or group outing. They aren’t planned. They just seem to capture the spirit of the experience and bring to mind the memories of significant events and feelings of the group.

I believe this trip to Kenya will have a special attachment to Paul’s words from Romans 10, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.” It’s not very common for men to sit around talking about beauty and feet. However, this passage has opened our eyes to be observant and considerate of the special Mobile Messengers and chaplains hosting us here in Nairobi.

We have been careful to listen, learn, and invest in the lives of our Mobile Messengers as we serve together these special few days. We have seen doors open to Kamiti Maximum Security prison as we walked together through the bars and stood together among more than 300 men serving life or death penalty sentences. We all shared a unified message of hope that included the truth that no prison bars or chains could prevent a man of knowing freedom in Christ. During our program, one young man experienced that truth for the first time. We have a new brother at Kamiti to lift up in prayer daily.

This morning we had the opportunity to visit Remand Prison and assist in leading the church service for the prison guards and their families. Our friend Pastor Mongrose helped to organize all of these opportunities, and one of our Mobile Messengers served as the main speaker for the morning. Again, we had the blessing to worship with and learn from these special men of God.

We have an incredible team of men form the U.S. with us on this project. Each one of them is a leader in ministry or business. Their humble spirit is refreshing and their investment in the lives of the Mobile Messengers has been powerful. They have encouraged, listened, preached, shared, and served in every situation.

Mobile Messengers and servant leaders. A world changing combination of partnership. They are bound together by a passion for God and a commitment to evangelism. Though I haven’t taken a good look at their toes, I know they all have beautiful feet. For these are the people bringing the good news to Kenya.

Yesterday, our devotion was based on Romans 10. In God’s intimate leading it was ended in the same way, as one of our team members got a sweet email of encouragement from his daughter. At the end of the email, she simply wrote this to her dad… “Remember, how beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news.”

Dr. Courtney Cash, Program Director

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