February 12, 2016 The With Open Eyes Team

How Far?

The thought occurred to me early this morning: “How far would you walk to share the good news of Jesus?” It has bothered me all day because I’m afraid I know the answer. In Africa, many pastors walk for days to reach remote villages to share the gospel. It takes dedication and true passion to do what they do. No one walks for hours or days to share something they aren’t passionate about. I don’t think I will ever forget what one pastor currently in our Bible training class in Namanga shared with us as he described walking many miles each week:

“What God is doing is not in vain. It is our life. It is not simple.”

As this pastor and numerous others complete their training in March, we are looking forward to helping them to accelerate their preaching of the gospel by equipping them with motorcycles. By adding training and mobilization to the passion God has ignited in them, With Open Eyes is reaching the unreached and seeing thousands come to faith in Christ. Your prayers and financial assistance will play a direct role in the work. Please consider a generous gift to help us accelerate the sharing of the gospel.

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