April 19, 2012 WOE Staff

Immediate Help Needed for the People of Nuba Mountains, Sudan

Pastor Morris Kartina is a Mobile Messenger living in Sudan. He leads a team of six Mobile Messengers and their people are living in the border region of the Nuba Mountains. Located on the southern border of Sudan, the Nuba Mountains are a disputed territory constantly prone to violence and military attacks. Thousands of Sudanese people and refugees moved into the mountains for shelter from the fighting, but their security was short lived. These brave people are now trapped in fear and struggling to find even the most scarce resources of food, water and medicine.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of poverty and pain, but great leaders lead no matter what!  Today, there are great servants like these Mobile Messengers making a difference in the difficult South Kordofan region of Sudan.  Despite their circumstances, they see the opportunity to save lives, not the dangers of losing theirs.

With Open Eyes has committed to walk alongside these warriors for Christ as they seek to change their country with both help and hope.

We are equipping them with much needed aid. Join us. Multiply our efforts today, and empower these Mobile Messengers to save lives!  Our partners in Sudan currently have a new type of urgency beyond anything we have ever experienced. There is a small window of opportunity to reach them and we are moving today. We have a direct path to the people in Nuba Mountains, Yida Refugee Camp and the Blue Nile region, but the window is narrow. We need to act NOW before it’s too late.

We must schedule deliveries today before the rainy season starts in July.  And with your help, we can bring new life and new hope to the overwhelmed people of Sudan.

For disaster relief distribution in June, we need to raise $50,000 for items such as:

  • Medicine: antibiotics, anti-malarial, etc.
  • First Aid and Wound Care Supplies
  • Water Treatment Tablets
  • Food with Nutrition Supplements
  • Salt
  • Mosquito Nets
  • Bed Sheets and Blankets
  • Hygiene Supplies
  • Transportation & Clearance Costs

Prayerfully consider joining us to act quickly.



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