February 5, 2013 WOE Staff

January 2013 Mobile Messenger Reports

Cities of Refuge Ministry Partner visiting a church plant in Mwingi, Kenya and joining the Mobile Messenger in helping with a child dedication service.

“I visited one of the Mobile Messengers in Kitui and specifically Ngekeka church where we had baptism of 17 individuals and open air crusades where 26 souls surrendered their lives to Christ!” – Ministry Partner, Cities of Refuge Ministries

“The man in the middle with red T-shirt before he confessed Jesus as his personal lord and savior, he gave a testimony of himself which humble me down, he said once he was arrested and tied, beaten and actually half way dead and thrown into prison but in the process his spirit went to God and God asked him why are you here please go back and do what I still want of you to do(assignment) this was the time I met him with the word of God and he  decided to give his life to Jesus. As you can see in the picture I presented them to the nearby church and welcome into the family of God, and from the picture you can see some of them where drunkards but he told them time for drinking is finished  today come to have rest.” – ALARM South Sudan, Mobile Messenger

“God was faithful in January 2013 as I ministered in 4 sectors of Muhanga District. We ministered one one one and conducted Gospel outreach campaigns in Mushishiro, Kibangu, Kiyumba and Rugendabari sectors. We were able to minister to 360 people throughout Muhanga and we thank God for 85 people who surrendered their lives to Christ through these campaigns. The month was busy and we thank God for His amazing love. We praise Him for protecting, guiding and sustaining us throughout the month of January 2013.

I thank God for WOE for providing a motorcycle for my ministry. I am reaching villages and homes and by the end of the day, I am accomplishing in one month what i used to accomplish in five months.” – Church of Faith Rwanda, Mobile Messenger


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