August 14, 2013 WOE Staff

Join the August $25 x 200 Friends Challenge!

With so many exciting things happening through the ministries of Mobile Messengers, we want as many people as possible to be part of it all!

Last month, With Open Eyes held a $100 x 100 friends challenge. It was a huge success, thanks to many generous donors.

For the month of August, we are asking 200 friends to give $25. Here are just a few examples of how your dollars are put to work in the lives of Mobile Messengers caring for their people:

$25 = 3 Bibles in Kenya

$25 x 4 Friends = 1 Mobile Messenger Waterproof Backpack

$25 x 10 Friends = 1 Mobile Messenger Bicycle

$25 x 200 Friends = 2 Motorcycles


$25 makes a huge difference in resourcing Mobile Messengers to accelerate the spread of the Gospel!

Will you consider joining the August challenge?

Every gift is significant!


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