August 8, 2013 WOE Staff

July Mobile Messenger Reports


“On behalf of Mobile Messengers, I feel I need to let you know that WOE has been our feet which helped us to carry out the message of Christ. Both motorcycles and bicycles you donated are tremendously assisting Mobile Messengers to go extra miles in making Christ known to the communities.

I am short of words to express the impact our partnership is playing in “fishing people” into the Godly Kingdom. May the Almighty God find a place in heaven for all staff and supporters of With Open Eyes. Warmly in Christ!” – Ministry Partner


“It was joyful to have the Central Church of God team and Sheri ministering with us in a special way in July. Due to seeds planted when two team members preached at the church in Kigali, it has already germinated and so far 30 people have come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. The testimonies given by the team members have not only brought joy and hope, but have re-united those who have been among themselves having grudges.

We not only appreciated the Jesus Film and equipment you donated but also 50 bicycles as well. All these tools are going to help us have evangelism accelerated more than before across the country.

We were overwhelmed the way the team worked hard with us by not only mixing cement and soil but also taking bricks and rocks to the builders of those two churches. Various games they conducted such as jump rope, football, tug-of-war and many others have brought communities together in which Christ is being received day after day.

The Central Church team’s action communicated the Love of Jesus Christ to children, youth and adults as well. If it is possible, we would love for a team to come back as soon as possible but the Lord’s timing is always the best. Be ensured that the churches in Rwanda are always kneeling to pray for you.” – Ministry Partner

“July began with many blessings from the Lord. The mission team and I managed to take out the gospel to 16 villages in which 474 people gave their lives to Christ. Biblical teachers are helping us teach the new believers a course called “After becoming a Christian. What is next?”

We received the team from WOE/Central Church of God and helped us mixing cements with soil, carrying bricks and helped our builders to build the new sanctuary which is still under construction. Later, the team helped us to show Jesus film to the community and the next day 25 new believers were baptized at the river.

After baptism, we had an opportuinity to share with the community the Word of God and amazingly, the Lord saved 56. We have started home cells to help them grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. We hope that August will be more fruitful because we have received 5 bicycles to help us move faster as we share Christ’s love with those who are still outside Godly Kingdom.”  – Mobile Messenger


“I greet you in Jesus name our Lord and Savior. From the beginning of July, I ministered to people in three different sectors. The Lord was able to save 300 people.

I indeed appreciated WOE for the gift of Motorcycle which is helping me move extra miles as I communicate Christ’s message to the people. Those who got saved we helped them to get to the nearby church for worship. However 95 of them would love to join Church of Faith. Since we don’t have yet the church in that area, we have established homes groups and I normally visit them twice per week. We trust the Lord will soon help us to have a church planted for these people.

We were also privileged to have a team from Woe at one village. The team helped us to build our Church which is still under construction. Later, the team also helped us to show the Jesus film and the Lord was able to save 122. We also had a baptism in which 35 new believers were baptized. The people who came to Christ in July all together were over 400.” -Mobile Messenger


“I am happy to have this opportunity to share with you what the Lord is doing in our midst.  My ministry is focused in Eastern Province.  This place has no a branch of Church of Faith Rwanda. As a mobile messenger, I am doing evangelism and the motorcycle is helping to do a great work for the Kingdom of God.

I met them in their homes, market places, private organizational offices and in the shops as well.  The Lord was able to save was able to save 400 people. 200 out 400 are being ministered to in different churches while the rest 200  are grouped into 5 homes cells. I am helping them grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

We trust that the Lord will make a way for us to have a place to meet on Sunday which in return will be a church. We thank Christ for this far He has taken us. Thank you for the support, and keep lifting us into prayers as we preach Christ to the community.” -Mobile Messenger


“In July, I shared the Gospel in market places, buses and hospitals. God has been using this method to bring people to himself. At the market place, I met a desperate woman called Virginia who felt to have no status in the community due to her 3 year in marriage without a child.

She wanted to go to witchcraft but I encouraged her to receive Christ and have peace of mind.  Biblical story of Hannah and Sarah helped her to realize the need of accepting Christ as Lord and Savior.

At the market place 185 received Christ while at the hospital 52 patients received Christ as well.” -Mobile Messenger


“Throughout July, we have seen the Lord at work.  We had a rally and 351 gave their lives to Christ. We also carried out home to home evangelism in a different area and the Lord saved 101 people. We proceeded to another village and held an evangelistic rally in which 173 came to Christ as well. As we always do, we managed to have a discipleship class in place to help these brothers and sisters growing in the knowledge of the Word of God.

Once again thank you for the motorcycle you offered, it is really helping me move faster as I make Christ known to people.” -Mobile Messenger


“We had two evangelistic public meetings in which 159 got saved in one village, while 78 got saved in another.  We did home to home visitation and the Lord brought 75 people in a third village. We could not have achieved this if it wasn’t God who gave us strength, inspiration and guidance to follow. We give HIM all the Glory.

We also appreciate WOE to have not only prayed with us but to have also provided a motorcycle for the quick advancement of the Gospel.”  -Mobile Messenger


“Throughout July, The Lord has been with us.  One of the methods I used to bring Youth to Christ was through soccer. I have youth in the Church who are willing to bring more youth to the community of God through soccer.

We had soccer with nonbelievers youth from two villages.  When the matches were over, the message was passed on in which 128 gave their lives to Christ. This includes youth who were part of soccer teams and other men and women who came to watch the match.

We also carried home to home visitation to a village in which 156 accepted Christ as Lord and Savior.  We have really seen Jesus at work in a tremendous way.  Keep praying with us!” -Mobile Messenger


“I actually had a wonderful ministry in July. I was able to minister to patients of two hospitals. As a result, 65 patients at one hospital received Christ while 38 patients received Christ at the other hospital. I also ministered to 20 prisoners and 15 of them gave their lives to Christ.

I’ m doing follow up and the Lord is doing wonders among them. We have established Christ groups and meet for prayers.  It is my trust and hope that the church will be born out this.

Pray for the Lord’s provision because some of the patients at the hospitals are in great need of food and other utensils. Thank you so much for your support in the ministry.” -Mobile Messenger


“From my heart, I am excited to inform you we are still protected in the great arms of the Great I AM. We also highly appreciate the prayers from WOE which help us boldly communicate Christ’s Word in this hostile Eastern part of Congo (DRC).

Presently, there is a tension between Government Army and M23 rebels. Peace in this region is not predicted.  People have not gone back to their homes and are still starving in camps.

We are grateful to have the Lord’s protection which enables us to bring the whole counsel of the Gospel to the orphans, widows and widowers.

I help these people to understand that the Lord is their shepherd and the loving one who cares for His creation.  This July, the Lord was able to save 253 internally displaced people from two areas.   Join us praising Him.

Pray also for these people to get enough food and avoid death due to children’s malnutrition. Even grown up people are also dying of hunger.  We trust the Lord to provide enough food, blankets, and means for children to attend schools.” -Mobile Messenger, serving in the DRC



“It has been a joy of the church being involved in receiving the motorbikes and seeing as it is something that will help in building the body of Christ.” – Ministry Partner, S. Kenya

“God has done a miracle for me this month through With Open Eyes with the provision of the motorbike. I thank God a lot because my ministry is now easier as I travel long distances to further the Gospel with more ease. It was very difficult for me as I used to walk through rough terrain and a very long distance. I used to get very tired before arriving at a destination which lowered my ability to serve. Now I save a lot of time and arrive fresh, sound and ready to deliver very well. God bless you!” – New Mobile Messenger

“I am thanking God and With Open Eyes for the provision of the motorbike. It is a huge help to my ministry since I can now access many regions that were a big challenge initially. My ministry has become easier.” – New Mobile Messenger

“Thanking God and With Open Eyes for the motorbike which is a wonderful blessing to my ministry. It has made transportation easier and I can cover larger areas. I save a lot of time and money, can travel with my wife without any hassle, visit my congregants, encourage them and am delivering very good service. It’s indeed a marvelous doing of the Lord!” – New Mobile Messenger

“Prayed for a man who had an unsound mind and was know in the whole town as a person who was very down and out of right senses. God delivered, healed him and he came back to his right senses. We bought clothes for him and he accepted Christ as his Savior. We are still following up with him and he is doing well. We thank God for this great doing! Uplift us in prayer that God’s grace be upon us as we further His Kingdom.” -Mobile Messenger



Pictured Above: Mobile Messenger Dedication; Elders and Pastors gathered together; New Mobile Messenger

Above: Mobile Messenger and Ministry Partner Preaching in Church Plants



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