July 11, 2013 WOE Staff

June Mobile Messenger Reports


“I take this opportunity to express my thanks to you for your kindness your always demonstrating to us. Indeed, you doubled my feet so that I can take the Gospel to many locations by donating a motorcycle for me. May the Lord richly bless you.  June ministry was really amazing. The Lord helped us to have evangelistic rallies in 3 different areas in which 516 people accepted Christ as Lord.  As we always do, we have a discipleship class in place to help these brothers and sisters growing in the knowledge of the Word of God.”

“We carried the message of Christ to many villages. The total saved was 452. We materially helped 15 of them who are in want of food. They were overwhelmed to let us know that they have seen God in action.”

“We have witnessed the power of God in winning souls to Himself. My ministry is based in a district just on the foot of  the highest volcano in Rwanda. The people ministered to were 537 and 124 of them gave their lives to Christ. Those who did not, we are praying for them. We believe the reason we are experiencing this harvest, is because WOE has not only been praying but supporting us to have the Gospel reaching people so fast by providing a motorcycle. It is indeed doing a great job.”

“Despite the challenges of the people who hardened their hearts, the Lord was able to instantly save 2 people from sickness and 138 received Jesus as Lord and Savior. Small classes are put in place to help the saved ones to learn more about Christ. We are nurturing them in the Word of God. Keep praying for the success of this ministry. We count it joy to partner with you as we bring people to faith in Christ.  I trust the Lord that July will be more fruitful. I will be able to reach far due to the motorcycle which was recently given to me. From the bottom of my heart I do thank you for this efficient tool which makes me to be a fast Mobile Messenger.”

“I ministered in the villages and I am glad to let you know that 38 people were baptized, 87 kids were dedicated to God. I couldn’t have managed to penetrate two Districts without the aid of motorcycle.  Thank you so much for accelerating my outreach programs.  We always pray for you. With motorcycle, Evangelism is moving so fast, and I am in a position of reaching many people in a far distance. Wishing you all the best.”

“Due to the hostility of the areas in which our mobile messengers are serving in the DR Congo, they really need prayers. The good news I have for you is that our mobile messengers have not given up. They are going to different camps sounding forth the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is our hope and trust that the peace will be re-established in Eastern Congo for people to return to their respective homes. We praise God for all our Mobile Messengers who are serving Him in season and out of season.” -Ministry Partner

“I am overwhelmed to let you that we are truly protected under the wings of our Almighty God.   We also give the Lord glory to have been using “With Open Eyes” to support us in prayers. Currently the war is stopped for a while but people still have a sense of insecurity in them. They have not yet return to their places. Most of them their houses were destroyed and burned due to the war between the rebels and government.

The Lord is granting me boldness to move to different camps as I bring the Gospel of hope to the orphans, windows and widowers. Most of these people view God to be powerful but not loving because of not being concerned with their situation at hand.

My work is to have them reminded God remains that God is a loving Father and He cares for His creation.  This June, the Lord of all harvest was able to save 185 internally displaced people from different camps. Join us in praising Him.

The food is not enough and as a result, some of the children are dying due to malnutrition. There is no regular relief support.  We trust the Lord will provide for enough food, blankets, and means for children to attend schools.” -Mobile Messenger, DR Congo


Pictured Below: 2 Pastors, Now New Mobile Messengers, Receiving Motorbikes During Dedication Ceremony


Pictured Below: New Mobile Messengers Receiving Motorbikes During Dedication Ceremony – 8 in Kenya this Month!


“Praise the Lord. The work of God is going on well. Last year we were able to plant 2 churches. We are planning to open two more this year. I thank God for the training I got for church planting. It has helped me a lot. I also thank God for the transportation.”

“The local church where I am now is increasing; the number has reached to 120 believers in the church. We are starting training on baptism in the local church.”

“I planted two new churches. We also went to strengthen an already planted church. I was also called to go and baptize 9 people at a church. I started the first church with only four people, now God is doing His work.”

“I went for evangelism in two areas. 88 people attended the prayer and 23 were baptized.”

“We did open air evangelism in the market places for the whole month. We moved from one market to another preaching the good news of Jesus Christ. 10 people gave their lives to Christ among them 1 thief who repented.”

Pictured Below: New Mobile Messenger Church Plants

Pictured Below: Bible Study Group

Pictured Below: New Mobile Messenger Receiving Motorbike

Pictured Below: Mobile Messenger Clearing Land to Grow Crops for Family and Community

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