October 6, 2010 WOE Staff

Kamal’s Victory – Courage Fueled By Faith

You never know what you’ll find when you shine light in dark places. Several have asked for an update on Kamal Tutu, a special man we met through one of our Mobile Messengers in Sudan. Kamal was tortured during the war in Sudan because he was a Christian. We have had the honor and privilege to walk alongside Kamal since our first meeting in June 2009 and have been blessed tremendously by he and his family. For those of you who are unfamiliar with his story, I have attached links below that will help you get up to speed.

For those who are familiar with Kamal, we are excited and overjoyed to inform you that after several weeks of physical therapy following his surgeries a couple of months ago, Kamal walked victoriously, for the first time in 20 years, into his village. With only the assistance of his crutch, he was received into a homecoming fit for a king! His village bought a cow and celebrated with a huge “bbq”.  They celebrated God’s victory in his life and he teared up as he thanked God for the people that assisted him along his journey.

Kamal represents one of the greatest testimonies of both physical and moral courage in our day. Courage is commonly defined as the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., with uncertainty and intimidation, without fear. In the Bible, there are examples of men who reached crossroads of faith when they had to take a stand, even at the risk of great personal loss and pain. In Daniel 3:19-30, three men named Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego faced such a moment. They were given one simple choice: bow or die, no meeting halfway. The king ordered them to bow to his idol or be sent to the furnace to burn and die. They chose the furnace. Their three bodies, were bound together and cast into the midst of the fire. Because they believed and trusted in the unlimited power of God, when the king’s men who had cast them into the fire were killed because of the exceedingly hot flame, the king saw not three but FOUR men walking loose, victoriously, unharmed in the midst of the fire. The form of the fourth man, was like that of the Son of God. All three men made it out without one single burn, not even the smell of fire was on them.

Kamal faced this crossroads of faith that dreadful day, 20 years ago, when he was bound and thrown on rocks to burn. Through his faith, Kamal landed not just on any rock, but “the rock” that day. The rock that upholds everything – Jesus. Today, he continues to walk victoriously with Christ.

I read something once, now confirmed through Kamal, that stated “true courage” requires 4 main characteristics:

1.) Bravery – to stand up for what’s right in hard situations
2.) Perseverance – continuing along a path in the midst of and after having faced opposition, even failure
3.) Honesty – beyond simply telling the truth, integrity in all areas of your life, true to the person the Lord created you to be and your role in His world
4.) Zest – feeling alive, hopeful and enthusiastic

The Lord allows himself to be glorified through people’s choices at the crossroads. Kamal is one of those people and has taught us that ‘courage’ is not a singular noun. Victory doesn’t start at simply making a choice and saying, with conviction, “I will never bow!”.

True courage at the crossroads is when we face a decision with bravery, make a choice to follow a path, continue in truth and honesty and shine with hope and enthusiasm.

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  1. Emily Helm

    look at you Kamal!! I rejoice with you as you WALK back into your village & share the love of Christ. You have been a remarkable testimony & soldier for our God. Thank you to WOE & the brothers who were faithful to meet your need with practical assistance. To all Drs & medical people also.

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