August 13, 2012 WOE Staff

Kenya July Updates from the field

In Southern Kenya, Pastor Simon and his team have been very busy serving their communities and reaching remote areas with God’s Word. Additionally, a Pathfinder team of four students from Westmont College have been serving alongside Mobile Messengers and the Namanga community. Mobile Messengers reported:

“I prayed for a sick lady who had been sick for a long time and had struggled to raise money to go for a medical scan and medication. God intervened! And she became well. As a thanksgiving to God, she decided to use the money to buy seats for the church. We really appreciate God!”

“There was a sick man who had suffered so much from his illness. he had been hospitalized for quite a long period of time. he was discharged when the doctors saw that he was not doing any better and also his relatives had given up on him. I prayed for him and after some days we started getting testimonies that he was beginning to feel better and even walk on his own! Glory to God!”

The team in Northern Kenya has been very busy during the month of July planning future conferences, celebrating baptisms and going out in their communities with a Pathfinder team from Johnson C. Smith University, there to serve for two weeks. One of the Pathfinders, Luke, (holding the camera below) became so attached to the Mobile Messengers and ministry of Shekinah Glory that he decided to stay permanently even when the rest of his team went on to another country. Luke is setting up a computer lab to train the youth in the orphanage. Praise God for how only He can work in a person’s heart in such a profound way!

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