June 6, 2014 WOE Staff

Kenya Mobile Messenger Training

Last week, Mobile Messengers gathered in Kitale, Kenya for continued training and encouragement from our Ministry Partners, Pastor Benjamin and Pastor Simon. The Ministry Partners talked with the Mobile Messengers again about the vision and mission of With Open Eyes. They spent time with them doing discipleship and evangelism training sharing the importance of leading by example in humility, stewardship and discipleship. Many of the Mobile Messengers shared how their motorbikes have blessed their ministries leading to continued success. Additionally, they shared how opportunities for further spiritual training from With Open Eyes is helping them grow and develop their flocks.

Thank you to our supporters for investing in the spiritual development of our Mobile Messengers and their communities of church plants.

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  1. I feel TRUSTING in Jesus in all things and ACCEPTING his chaellnges with fervor is OUR challenge lately. This verse shows us more clearly how to go about HIS work.

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