April 11, 2013 WOE Staff

Kenyan Chapati

Experience a little bit of the world through food! Try this Kenyan favorite that’s super easy to make! Eat along with just about any dish.


1 cup of wheat flour

1 cup of white flour

2 tbsp of oil or ghee

3/4 – 1 cup of warm water

salt to taste


Pour the flour into a bowl, add the salt and give the mixture a good mix. Add the water (a little at a time) as you knead the flour (with clean hands!) Mix for a while, then add the oil and keep kneading until you are happy with the consistency of the dough. It should be smooth. Cover the dough and let it stand for at least half an hour minutes.

Knead it again for good measure then divide into balls. The size of the balls is dependent on how big and how thick you want your chapatti. Flatten each ball – on a lightly floured surface to prevent the dough sticking to the surface. Roll out to your desired thickness and size. They should however not be too thin. Put a lightly greased flat pan on fire that’s not too hot; carefully pry the chapati off the board and put it on the pan.

Cook that side until light brown then turn and repeat for the other side. Cook until nicely browned, if one side begins to burn, add a little oil onto the pan.

Do the same for each chapati. Wipe the pan regularly with kitchen tissue or greaseproof paper because the flour used during the rolling process sometimes sticks to the pan. Remove the chapati and put into foil paper or warm oven to keep warm.

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