July 10, 2013 WOE Staff

Lessons from India

Recently, a team from With Open Eyes travelled to India to visit two different ministries, India Christian Ministries and Alpha International Ministries. Our time with each ministry was extremely valuable and we learned so much about what it would look like to expand into India. Additionally, we gained knowledge to bring back to our current Mobile Messengers.


Our first stop was India Christian Ministries, headquartered in Ongole. We were able over the course of a few days, to attend three pastor’s conferences with over 500 men in each meeting! It was incredible to see all these men on fire for the Lord and ready to go out into the villages to proclaim His name. We also visited remote villages on three different nights where we had the opportunity to go see a program that ICM calls Children’s Covenant Homes. In these homes, local pastors who have a heart for orphans take in 10 children to be a part of their home and on the second floor of the building there is the community church. We were amazed by all of the programs the Lord is using at ICM including a special needs home, multiple children’s covenant homes, thousands of trained pastors, a worship school, an urban youth program…and the list goes on. We were so blessed to witness a ministry making such a huge impact in India.


Next, Alpha International Ministries, headquarted in Ahmedabad, was a quick flight from the east to the west. We were able to meet pastors from extremely persecuted areas in northern India. We heard their stories of the things they face on a daily basis from assault, to prison, to sometimes murder for the cause of the Gospel. Their testimonies of how the Lord is overcoming each of those obstacles and how He is using them, touched us all. Just being able to let them know that we are praying for them and encourage these men, was something the team will never forget.


After traveling over 17,000 miles in a plane and another 500 miles or more in vehicles, the team is back in the States with memories and pictures that you can’t put a price tag on or accurately measure. With Open Eyes met India, and we’re praying and hoping the Lord will bring us back one day…with motorcycles.

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