July 10, 2013 WOE Staff

Local Church Partner Sending Mission Team to Rwanda

Above: One of the churches the mission team will help the congregation with building walls


Central Church of God in Charlotte, NC is sending a mission team July 18-29 with ‘With Open Eyes’ to work with our Ministry Partner and the team of Mobile Messengers in Rwanda.

The team will travel to the north and the south provinces to work with 2 newly planted churches. In the mornings they will be working alongside the local congregation to help build walls to their churches. In the afternoon they will be sharing Bibles stories, songs and fun activities to the children from the church and the surrounding villages. Each evening the team will be showing the Jesus Film  where approximately one thousand people are expected to be in attendance.

During this time of working alongside Mobile Messengers, the team will also attend the dedication ceremony for 50 new Mobile Messengers and their new transportation of bicycles! We will have many pictures and stories to share of this exciting trip and distribution of bicycles in the coming weeks. Check the website frequently for updates along with our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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