April 11, 2013 WOE Staff

March 2013 Mobile Messenger Reports

South Sudan

“I visited the Hospital and 2 people got saved. I also opened a church 25 miles away as demanded by two youth who got saved when I witnessed to them in the town there. I do go there on Tuesdays and Fridays to them. Now there are already five that are saved awaiting baptism.” – Mobile Messenger

“I made two days seminar. 120 people attended and 2 people gave their lives to Christ. It is really a great joy to us as Christians because God has given us this opportunity to win His people to Christ.” – Mobile Messenger

“A discipleship training was of great testimony in the life of the believers under the teaching. 30 people attended from three churches and three prayer centers. Though they were with challenges and struggle in life they have gain strength in the Lord. One of the most challenges was the discouragement, advice of going to witch doctor for healing especially those with no children and the sick. In their testimonies they talk of having a full commitment in the Lord Jesus despite the challenges they will remain to serve God.” – Mobile Messenger



“Encouraged when I visited an elderly lady with an intention of helping her. I found her desperate and ill. She told me that the doctor advised her to be on special diet but she didn’t have the money to buy the diet. When I offered her my help she almost fainted in disbelief. She really glorified God that finally her prayers had been answered and that God had finally remembered her.” – Ministry Partner, S. Kenya

“It’s my joy when to see the work of God progress, though sometimes we face challenges like rejection but finally witness God’s power when souls are won for Christ.” – Mobile Messenger, S. Kenya

“I am currently covering more than 126km (78 miles) in ministry areas. Please pray for me and my team as we plan to hold a Women conference in April targeting all the ladies in the area.” – Mobile Messenger, S. Kenya
“I had a children camp this month with over 80 kids assemble for bible teachings and playing together and for child evangelism.” – Mobile Messenger, N. Kenya
“My ministry to young teenagers and high school students is doing very well. Next month I am planning a youth conference and rally.” – Mobile Messenger, N. Kenya
Below: Ministry Partner ministering to elderly widows in Kenya community
“I thank God for the success of my ministries in March. I focused in 5 villages. In each village we spent two days and we were able to minister to 750 men and women in all these villages.
We praise God for 120 men and women who surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. I managed to minister in these villages thanks to the motorcycle I received from With Open Eyes. It took me at least 2 hours of motorcycle ride to reach each of the five villages. The rain was heavy, the roads slippery but the Lord was with me all through.” – Mobile Messenger, Rwanda
“My ministry focus area in March was to villages on the border of Congo DRC! There has been war in Congo DRC between government troops and rebel militia which led to the latter capturing a huge part of a Province of DRC. The village where I was ministering is close to Congo where you can hear guns explosion but this tragic situation could not stop our evangelism. Even though we were worried, there was no major incident. The situation has been stabilized and Christ is preached to all people.
We were able to minister to 640 people throughout all activities done in March. We will be doing follow up to ensure that all these efforts bear fruits. Our goal is to reach as many more people and villages as God enable us. We are committed to participate in God’s mission for the world through the church. Thank you so much for your prayers and support for our ministries through WOE.” – Mobile Messenger, Rwanda 
Below: Baptism in Rwanda
Above: Mobile Messengers receive new study bibles in their own language for use in sermon/teaching
Above: Beautiful children in Rwanda village

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