October 26, 2016 Carrie Kintz

Meet Pastor Daniel: A With Open Eyes Mobile Messenger

wednesday-october-26Last week, we had our friends from Kenya come to visit us for a few special events in Charlotte. Pastor Simon, one of our board members and our very first mobile messenger, Benson, our mobile messenger trainer and Pastor Daniel, one of our mobile messengers all came with stories about what the Lord is doing in Kenya and Africa through their work and With Open Eyes.

I sat down with them and asked them to share a little bit of background on how they are connected with WOE and how they came to know Jesus. They also share a few stories about work they’re doing and how we can specifically pray for them and their work.

Below, Pastor Daniel shares why 1 John 3:1 is a source of encouragement to him. He also shares about the church he’s planted in the midst of very difficult spiritual circumstances.

It’s great to meet you, Pastor Daniel! Can you tell me how you’re connected to With Open Eyes:
I serve With Open Eyes as a mobile messenger to reach those who are not reached and serve those who are not served and I’ve been doing it for five years now.

That is amazing! If you’re willing to share, how did you come to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior?

In the year of 2000, I got very sick. And that’s when I met Pastor Simon. When I was sick, my family had no way to get me to the hospital, so they put me in a wheelbarrow to get me there. And Simon took me out of the wheel barrow, put me in his own vehicle and took me to the hospital. A few weeks later I got well, and started going to his church.

From that time I gave my life to Jesus because Simon mentored me. He taught me many things about the kingdom of God. But more than that, I came from a big family. In my family, my father has three wives and my mother is the last wife, and I am the last child. But I was the first person to get saved.

And from the year 2000 to now, all of my family – my brothers and sisters are now born again Christians.

It is incredible to hear how the Lord has brought your whole family to Him! As you’ve walked with Him, what is one verse or section of Scripture that you really mediate on?img_4304
Every time, when I read 1 John 3:1, I see the great love with which that God loves me. And it says because of His love, we can be the children of God. It gives me the assurance that I am a child of God. A son of God.

See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are. The reason why the world does not know us is that it did not know him. 1 John 3:1

Do you have any stories you could share about the work you do for With Open Eyes?
I have planted my second church in the Maasai land. And it’s known in the whole land as a place of witchcraft in the area. For so many years, no church in that area has been established. But I thank God, because He led me to that place to start a church.

With the help of God and the motorbike, I started preaching house to house, sharing the Gospel of Jesus. And I thank God because the church has started, and the members are coming. Plus the sons and the women of the witch man, because he has many women, have started to come to the church.

Also, I have members who are coming very, very far. They travel 5 kilometers to the church. It encourages me as a mobile messenger that people will come to hear the Word. There are many wild animals along their way, but I praise God, because He is doing something very particular in that place.

Lastly, how can we pray for you and your congregations?
I would ask to pray for God’s favor as I share the gospel to those who are not reached. And also for God’s protection upon me and my ministry and for my family as well. For the Lord to cover me, as I’m sharing the gospel. Protection from wild animals too, because where I minister is close to the national park.

For my community, pray for God to open their eyes – their inner eyes and ears. And for the Holy Spirit to do His work in my community. I know there are many things against the Word that they do – like marrying many wives and alcoholism. So pray that they would be able to hear the Gospel.