December 9, 2011 WOE Staff

Messengers of Good News

“I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people.” Luke 2:10

The quiet calm of a dusty dirt road in Rwanda was disturbed only by the rumble of a motorbike and the squeaky wheels of a van full of wide-eyed Americans coming to visit. The tiny caravan followed the rain made ruts into the bush to a small village void of commerce and the clutter of civilization. Small children lined the road watching in wonder as the pale skinned “Mazungu” drove into their world. Their eyes were filled with curiosity and excitement in seeing such rare visitors.

At the end of the trail was a small field with a single structure. Thin branches were tied together to create support beams and colored tarps were spread above head as protection from the mid-day sun. Inside, wooden benches were overflowing with new church members filling the village with sounds of praise, singing and the rhythm of African drums. This was a place of joy. In the midst of drought and poverty, this special place was an oasis of celebration and worship.

The message of Christmas is very real in this remote Rwandan village. Their joy rises above their circumstance and their hearts are overflowing with the good news of Jesus Christ. Where there once was an empty roadside, now there is sanctuary of peace and eternal life. In the truest spirit of Christmas, a With Open Eyes Mobile Messenger brought the good news of great joy to these beautiful people. A village once defined by withering crops, now shines as a well-spring of life in Christ.

This small church with new life stands as a living testimony of the joy of the Christmas season. Their joy is contagious. As they dance and sing praises to God, lives are changed. Their prayers transcend any physical lack or challenge. Their perseverance is a picture of true faith. The spirit of Christ and the message of Christmas is in their hearts.

From all of us at With Open Eyes and on behalf of all our Mobile Messengers, we wish you and yours a very special and life changing Merry Christmas.

Dr. Courtney Cash

Program Director

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