December 8, 2015 Tommy Mcbride

Mission Possible

You may remember an old television show called Mission Impossible. More recently, it’s been turned into a popular movie franchise. In the TV show and movies, agents receive their orders for a specific mission through a recording that self-destructs after they’ve listened to it. Then the theme music begins setting a tone of intrigue and suspense. Typically, the mission is difficult and fraught with obstacles.

Similarly, our Mobile Messengers have received a call to mission, but not from a recording.  They’re called by the the true and living God. They’re tasked with a mission filled with almost constant difficulties and trials. Some face severe opposition to the message of the gospel. Others face ethnic and tribal conflict. Economic hardship is a part of their daily lives. 

While the mission is difficult, we know it is far from impossible. Daily we receive reports of the successes of our Mobile Messengers in mission. People who have never heard the name of Jesus are coming to a saving knowledge of Him. Pastors and small groups of believers are coming together and becoming the church across east Africa. Other church plants are expanding, outgrowing their meeting space and needing to add on.

As Jesus taught His followers in Matthew 19:26, “With God, all things are possible.”

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