December 9, 2011 WOE Staff

Mobile Messenger Report from Rwanda

  • “My ministry is growing rapidly; many people are turning their lives to the Lordship of Christ. I’m able to reach villages that I won’t have reached without a motorbike; a ministry trip that took me 7 days is now taking me two days and the results are amazing as I’m not tired from walking as I used to. Where I needed 2 days, I now go in the morning, spend the day ministering then come back in the evening. I’m now a better parent as I’m able to spend most evenings with my family as I’m now mobile and independent. More importantly, the harvest is far much more that I had witnessed before. Pray with those new church plants that are resulting from this accelerated witnessing and proclamation of the gospel through our partnership with With Open Eyes; these people are meeting in the cold and rain for lack of a roof but they are happy and are growing in their faith in Jesus Christ.”

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