August 27, 2010 WOE Staff

Mobile Messengers Ministry Expands Into Uganda, Rwanda & Tanzania

August 27, 2010
Charlotte, NC –

We are truly excited about a new partnership that has formed between With Open Eyes and International Cooperating Ministries. Our focus is to equip and mobilize pastors to better enable them to evangelize and disciple, while ICM has been building churches around the world for the last 22 years. With ICM’s history and experience, they are able to identify some of their partners who could serve as Mobile Messengers and help take the gospel from just one church to thousands in a particular region. On the flip side, our Mobile Messenger Directors are able to identify congregations that are in need of a permanent structure and through effective communication, we can partner to build more churches and add more Mobile Messengers to advance the Kingdom around the world.

To “kick this off”, we have added (with the the help of ICM) four Mobile Messengers and soon to be a fifth. What was three pastors working with us in Africa, has now turned into eight on the ground. These pastors are continuing to grow the ministry in Sudan and Kenya, while the others are helping us expand our reach in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania, all in the last three months! It is exciting to see in a short amount of time, what the Lord has done and the lives that have truly been transformed.

If that wasn’t enough, we are walking alongside our Mobile Messengers and ICM to help build two churches in Kenya and three churches in Tanzania. This will no doubt prove to grow the body of Christ and expand the reach of our Mobile Messengers. There is an excitement among our pastors at what possibilities lie ahead through this great relationship.

What a joy it is for us to serve these pastors and to serve the ministry of ICM. May the Lord continue to open doors so that together, we may reach more souls for Christ. Thank you again for your continued prayers and support.

WOE’s Josh Livingston, (2nd from right), with ICM’s Janice Rosser Allen (2nd from left)
on their recent visit to Kenya.

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