August 19, 2011 WOE Staff

Mobile Messengers – Word And Deed Ministry

On our recent field visit to a ministry partner in Kenya, the Lord confirmed that He is clearly constructing a blueprint for a tremendous movement in the world of global evangelism and With Open Eyes will play a very important role in His strategy. Our role is focused and targeted – we are the accelerator. By providing transportation, Mobile Messengers multiply the word and deed ministry of Jesus Christ. With the motorcycles and other tools we have equipped them with, we are witnessing Mobile Messengers in our current areas of impact in Sudan & Kenya plant churches in unreached areas. Additionally, they provide aid, identify and disciple other leaders within those communities to nurture the new church body so they can keep moving to expand the gospel into the world and repeat the cycle.

In May of this year, we equipped 5 pastors through our ministry partner in northern Kenya with motorbikes and other basic safety and maintenance gear. So far, provision of those bikes to 5 Mobile Messengers alone has resulted in:

  1. 27 new church plants
  2. 821 salvations – new believers
  3. 269 water baptisms

We are continuing to resource the new churches by providing additional ministry tools, discipling materials, aid, and soon, we hope to receive missions teams that can provide additional support as the community grows.

With Open Eyes is a movement, a distribution system for Christ and aid but without transportation, that Kingdom growth wouldn’t have been possible. Prayerfully consider supporting our efforts to provide transportation and supplies to these Mobile Messengers – mutlipliers of Jesus’ ministry, carriers of His word and deed ministry!

Above: Ready to make a public proclamation through water baptism

Above: Mobile Messengers prepare for water baptism

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